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Friday Favorites

Here you go Nikki! I aim to please, my friend. Punctuation makes a difference.

Favorite New Restaurant

PrepKitchen Little Italy

PrepKitchen Little Italy

Danielle and I had dinner at PrepKitchen during restaurant week. For $30 I chose an appetizer, entree and dessert from their whole menu. The atmosphere was hip without making me feel like a non-hipster outcast. Food was great, staff was friendly. I will definitely go back. Oh, Leia came too. Her favorite part? The bacon off Danielle’s flatbread appetizer. She’s my child, for sure.

Favorite Bedtime Ritual

Every night when Leia goes to bed we talk about our favorite things that day. “Leia, what was you favorite part of the day?” followed by “Mama, what’s your favorite part?” We go back and forth talking about the things we did, meals we ate, people we saw. Hearing about her day through her eyes melts my heart and makes everything right in this world.

Favorite Pinterest Experiment

Did you wake up this morning and discover someone used that last splash of coffee creamer? You know, that little bit at the bottom of the bottle you saved yesterday so you would have enough for today? Mix one can of sweetened condensed milk with two cups of milk and a splash of vanilla. Viola, coffee creamer!

Favorite Motivation to Workout

All hail the skirted bikini. I’m 31, I grew and birthed a human, I have cellulite. Did I mention having a kid means trips to the pool and beach require me to run around? Running = jiggly flesh. Call me matronly all you want, I think these are totally sexy.

Favorite Home Decor

Picture ledges from IKEA. These are genius – affordable and easier to put on the wall than a bunch of individual frames. I love the idea of using these to display Leia’s books too.

Favorite “Reality” TV

The Bachelor. I might be the only girl who didn’t swoon over Sean during last season’s Bachelorette. He was just a little too wholesome, in an annoying way. But I have to admit he’s really grown on me this season! Now if he would just kick Tierra to the curb where she belongs I’d grab my pom poms and cheer him on to finding true love. Team Desiree FTW.

Favorite Fashion

Tangerine and aqua, maxi skirts, white and silver, denim jackets. Loving all of it.

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Finding glasses that look good on me is near impossible, so I never buy them online. But darn, these Roverto Cavalli’s are cute!

Favorite Reading Material

A blog that reviews wine from Trader Joe’s. Who doesn’t love a tasty bottle of wine that costs less than $10?

Favorite Recipes To Try Soon

Much like this blog, I’ve been neglecting my “Kitchen Experiments” board on Pinterest. Now that we’re getting settled in at the new place, I’ll probably get to enjoy more time in the kitchen.

Tomato, basil, parmesan soup. Made in a crockpot. Love.

Tomato, basil, parmesan soup.…made in a crockpot. I’m not a huge tomato soup fan, but this looks delicious.

Favorite Local Business

My mom and I finally used our Groupons for a shellac manicure and spa pedicure at La Dolce Belladonna salon. Five stars for the adorable Candace who was the right balance of professional and fun. She made my nails look amazing. It was my first experience with shellac polish, that stuff is no joke! It held up flawlessly through packing, moving and cleaning. After a week it started to chip a little on the corners so I decided to take it off myself…which was also serious business. They needed to be soaked in acetone for about 15 minutes and scraped clean.