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Friday Favorites

What a slacker I’ve been around here! This is for you Nikki.

Favorite Purchase

I hate workout DVDs, but I sporadically go through these “I want to workout at home” phases. During one of these phases I bought a treadmil through Groupon. I was skeptical $150 would buy anything decent, but convinced myself I’d workout more if I could watch True Blood reruns simultaneously. Obviously it’s not on par with the treadmills in a gym. The base is narrow and short. There’s no motor, so it’s on a permanent incline and only goes as fast as you can move the belt. That said, I’m surprised at how well it’s held up! I put about 3-4 hours a week on it without any problems.

Favorite Song

I haven’t listened to The Heist as a whole album yet, but I can’t get that damn Thrift Shop song out of my head! Take a listen. “This is fucking awesome” indeed. Plus, their blog is great. How cute are Macklemore and his lady?!

Favorite New Recipe


I made The Ultimate Cheesecake for my sister’s baby shower. This recipe lived up to it’s name and 5 star (490 review) rating. Thanks Tyler Florence! This is definitely getting tucked away in my favorite recipe book. I cooked for 60 minutes, then let it sit in the oven with the temp off and door cracked for another hour. Another 30 minutes at room temperature before refrigerating overnight.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Bev Cooks

From Bev Cooks

Herbed Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy. Further proof I need to spend some time in the south. My inner fat girl is screaming at me to try this recipe. If it’s delicious I’ll need to spend a lot more time on that treadmill. Normally I’m not a fan of sausage, but in gravy on a fresh biscuit? Yes, please.

Favorite Fashion


Someday (when I’m employed with a paycheck again) I’m going to splurge on a pair of diamond earrings. Nothing fancy, just a classic piece of everyday jewelry. Considering the $5 earrings I wear everyday now are leaving my ears tarnished, I need to upgrade to at least some CZ and stainless steel soon.



Love the bright mint green! I don’t know if I could pull off the loose sheer shirt, but it’s pretty.

Favorite Giggle


Let’s just be honest okay?

Favorite Way To Keep Warm

I’m cold when it’s below 68 and hot when it’s above 82. Spoiled from growing up in San Diego right? I know. It’s been freezing lately! So my dream home bedroom will definitely need a fireplace.