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Starting off 2012 with a car accident and a cold

So far in 2012 I’ve been in a car accident and got sick. I refuse to believe the year will be anything less than fantastic, maybe I am just getting the road blocks out of the way early?

Last week I was stopped at a yield waiting for cross traffic to pass and – BAM, a guy rear ends me. He wasn’t going that fast, but it was scary as hell. I looked back at Leia to make sure she was okay as I pulled over to the closest curb. She was fine, looking around like she was more concerned with why Mom was freaked out. I gave myself a pat on the back for keeping her rear facing since she’s a tiny 22 pounds. I get us out of the car, and exchange information with the driver. He seemed like a nice kid, on his way to work. Neither of us have a pen so we put each others numbers in our phone. I immediately call my insurance, have the car inspected at a repair shop, and take Leia to the doctor. It was a busy day. Late that evening I noticed my brake light and battery light turn on, I call the repair shop and they let me know they’ll inspect the entire car when I bring it in for repairs. But who knows when that will be. It took 4 days for the adjuster from the other insurance company to call me and set up an appointment for them to inspect the car. I have to wait for them to do an inspection and accept liability (uh, hello, your driver hit me) before my insurance can pay the repair shop to make repairs.

Not a big deal, the car is still drivable. Wrong. Today I pulled out of my complex when I realized it wasn’t accelerating. More lights on the dashboard come on. I turned the car off, then tried to turn it back on again. Just some clicking sounds, ugh. I’m annoyed but grateful it didn’t happen on a major road. I call AAA and have it towed the 100 yards back to my parking spot. The driver said it’s probably the alternator, which is likely a separate issue from the damage done in the accident. So it’s just bad timing? I don’t think so. Now I have to get the car towed to a repair shop to fix the alternator and assess if the damage could be caused by the accident. The body shop won’t fix the bumper damage until the car is drivable. The whole thing is such a headache.

Speaking of headaches, I caught a cold. I rarely get sick, so I probably sound super whiny making a big deal out of a cold. I went through half a box of tissues and had a pounding head yesterday. Today is better, less tissues, no headache. Thankfully Leia just got a stuffy nose, and seems to be her normal self.

So I guess Leia and I are going to get familiar with the trolley system while we wait to get the car fixed. I hope it goes without saying that I’m beyond thankful neither of us were hurt in the accident, and my “problems” this week could be a lot worse. Come on 2012, I’m ready for the good stuff!