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Friday Favorites

How did this week go by so fast?! I know it’s not Friday, but I really love writing these posts, so it’s a little late.

Favorite Music

Lindsey Stirling. Holy smokes, this woman is talented. It’s violin meets dubstep. Her contemporary dance moves are fun too. Looks like she’s coming to House of Blues on April 1st, I definitely need tickets. Check out her video for Crystallize on YouTube.


Favorite Purchases

#1 Lingerie from Nordstroms. Lacy panties and a matching bra is as sexy as my wardrobe gets. I’ve never bought a corset, a garter or anything even remotely risque from the lingerie department. Aside from feeling completely silly and self conscious dressed up like a Victoria’s Secret model, who would I wear them for? So shopping for something to wear for Carrie’s birthday boudoir photo shoot was intimidating.


Then I found this adorable black lace wrap, and fell in love. I realized if wearing it makes me feel pretty, I don’t need anyone else to wear it for.

#2 Having my makeup done by a professional at MAC. Buy $50 in makeup and a MAC artist will do your makeup for free. Since I genuinely needed new makeup, this was an easy splurge to justify. It was so worth it relax and let someone else create my sultry alter ego, perfect for a boudoir shoot.

Favorite Fantasy Travel

When I went to France with Rachel and Carrie in 2007 we made sure to see Paris and drinkĀ  real champagne in Epernay. I enjoyed Paris, but it wasn’t my favorite place. Blasphemy right? I loved the more rural, remote Epernay. So my next trip I want to see the countryside.


Lavender fields in Provence.


Favorite Things Party

Chelle hosted the girls for mimosas and brunch last weekend for a “favorite things” party. Each person brings 5 of their favorite thing. I didn’t realize until later it’s 5 of the SAME favorite thing, oops. Then everyone draws 5 names and those people get one of your favorite thing. So each person ends up with 5 new favorite things! It was so much fun. I scored two samples of Jo Malone…ahhh! Seriously, the best fragrance brand ever, they all smell like heaven.

Favorite Holiday Tradition

I’m on an extra tight budget this year and cringed at spending $50 on a Christmas tree. Decorating the tree with my mom and daughter? Made it worth every penny.


You know what else was worth the cost? Another year with a screaming picture of Santa.


Favorite Fashion


Cozy. I think I need a puffy vest.


For my inner bad ass.


More tall brown boot obsession. Pretty burgundy pants too.


Love the arm bands and the color combination.


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  1. Budoir photoshoot?!? Sexy!


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