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Friday Favorites

Favorite Music

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For the next month I will enjoy a crackling fireplace and dreamy holiday music as I cuddle up on the couch with my book/tea/wine/cats because…Yule Log is on!

Favorite Glam

Since we’re talking about the holidays, I’d totally wear one of these outfits to a work party. Alas, my employer is two years old and prefers to party in pajamas or nothing at all – “Mama I’m naked! Wheeee!” – so I’ll need a different reason to wear something sparkly and fabulous.



Victoria’s Secret


Favorite Sexy

We’re celebrating Carrie’s 35th birthday with a boudoir photo shoot in a suite at the Hard Rock. Champagne, cupcakes, and pretty ladies in lingerie. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone….but I’m excited to try something new that reminds me to embrace and appreciate my body.

Time for a trip to VS

Time for a trip to VS

Favorite Trip For Next Spring

Camping in Big Sur. Not all of my future travel plans include the little bunny, but this one definitely does. I know Leia would love setting up a tent, exploring the coast and trees, sitting by the fire and looking at the stars just as much as her mama does.

McWay Falls

Favorite Recipe to Try This Week

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese. Creamy, cheesy, sweet and savory goodness. You can’t go wrong with smoked cheddar, bacon and pasta. I’m excited to see how the squash cooked in milk creates a base for the sauce.

Favorite Place to Shop for Leia

Baby Go Round. It’s clean, well organized, with a huge selection. I’m cheap and don’t see a reason to spend money on brand new clothes/shoes for Leia when the quality of resale items at BGR is so good.

Favorite Gem in the Industry

Mark at Precision Automotive is the best! I want to bake him cookies, that’s how grateful I am for all he’s done to keep my Murano running this last year. Finding a mechanic who is honest, knowledgeable, and always goes above and beyond is priceless.

Favorite Cookie Exchange

Speaking of cookies, is it insane that I’m considering buying ingredients at Costco to prepare for the huge list of  recipes I want to try? No, I didn’t think so either. Santa, if you’re listening, I made room on my counter for a candy apple red Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I’ve been good all year, promise.

Turtle Cookies from The Kitchen Is My Playground. Chocolate cookies baked with pecans, a creamy caramel center and a drizzle of chocolate.

Russian Tea Cakes, a tradition in our family.

Andes Mint Cookies from Inspired Taste

Favorite Phrase

“So Much Fun!”

Be still my heart. One of Leia’s favorite things this week is to chase me around the house pretending to be a shark or a vampire or a ghost. I run in faux fear, leaping over toys and hiding behind walls until she captures me. And the whole time she is squealing with laughter “so much fun!” It’s worth every second of winded-and-haven’t-finished-my-coffee-yet exhaustion.

Favorite Technology

DVR. Not for the obvious reason of recording shows and watching them at ones convenience. No, it’s all about fast forward. No thank you Nick Jr., we don’t need 87 commercials for crap my daughter looks at and says “Mama, I have that!” While we’re at it, let’s fast forward through anything by the Fresh Beat Band so my ears don’t bleed.


Favorite Inspiration


Favorite Gratitude

I live in a warm home. I’m healthy. I enjoy good food. The people I love are nearby. I have enough and can help others.



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