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Friday Favorites

Favorite Inspiration

Image from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

I love this post by Melissa King on loving our bodies. I’ve come a long way in appreciating my body. It’s strong, healthy, it created and sustained life. It’s beautiful. That last is a little harder to say with 100% sincerity. Somewhere along the way, little girls who are told they are beautiful grow into insecure women. One of my highest priorities as a parent is raising a little girl who loves her body, feels beautiful and strong, doesn’t perceive her uniqueness as strangeness. I’m not foolish, I know insecurities can’t be avoided. I want to make sure the coping skills to deal with them are there, for both of us.

Favorite Boozy Snack

Pumpkin Bourbon Balls from Dessert For Two. Oh lordy, I need to make these now. I think I might try gingersnaps instead of vanilla wafers.

Favorite Photos

Amazing! I love this kid, and his parents. I wish I would have traveled more during and after college. I’d be thrilled if Leia said “Hey Mom, what do you think about this study abroad program? I think I want to go.” I say this now fully anticipating the heart stopping fear of my baby being continents away.

Favorite Hair

Long, red, wavy, fabulous. If I ever get the desire to color my hair, this is what it’s going to look like.

Favorite Dream Home

Are you kidding me?! I am moving to Montana right now. Okay, maybe not right now, but right after I win the lotto. These pictures aren’t all the same home, but they are all the same architect.

Favorite Use For My Microwave

Popcorn! Just put some kernels in a brown paper bag and pop them. About 1/3 cup for 2-2.5 minutes. So simple, it’s genius. I like to toss the a little melted butter and salt on the kernels before popping them. I tried to make caramel corn to smuggle into the movies last night and it was a total failure. There’s a ton of recipes floating around for easy caramel popcorn in the microwave, I can’t remember which one I used.  It involved melted the caramel mixture then tossing it with the popcorn in the bag and heating again. The smell of burnt sugar is finally gone a day later.

Favorite Music

Try not to laugh. Ready? I’ve been listening to a lot of Celtic music this week. Yep, that includes the Riverdance soundtrack. I think I’m still on an Irish kick after finishing the Fever series (Fantastic books! If you like urban fantasy, pick these up right now.). Maybe that’s why I’m crushing on the red hair too, hmm.

Favorite Snack Idea for Leia

Edible necklace.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure

Twilight! Yes, I know, the movies are a little over the top. But even if I roll my eyes every time Kristen Stewart appears, I really enjoyed the books and embrace the films as an interpretation. There’s a twist! Obviously I won’t elaborate, but I thought it was a good choice and gave the final movie and enjoyable farewell. Ashley got tickets for a 7pm premiere through her work AND we didn’t have to wait in line, score.

Favorite Eye Candy

Oh, hello Jesse Spencer. Looks like I need to put Chicago Fire on my DVR list.

Favorite DIY Gift Idea

Solid perfume by Crunchy Betty

I love lockets. I love things that smell pretty. I love natural ingredients in my health and beauty routine. Win, win, win.


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  1. Thanks for sharing my popcorn! 🙂 I love it too, sorry that caramel corn experience didn’t work for ya! lol

  2. Love that edible necklace thing for the girls!


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