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Friday Favorites

This might get posted on Saturday, ooops. I’ve been busy, slowly consuming the final book in the Fever series.

Favorite Place To Go Again

I went to Yosemite with my Dad. We camped, hiked, took pictures next to waterfalls. I treasure my memories of the frigid water we swam in, the natural beauty that surrounded us, the mix of summer crowds and empty space. Mostly, it’s special because we went together and I can’t recreate that. What I can do is bring my daughter to Yosemite someday and make new memories.

How amazing would it be to catch a glimpse of this in real life? Supposedly there’s a precise angle and time of day when the sun hits Horsetail Fall and makes it look like it’s on fire. Amazing.

Photo by Phil Hawkins

Photo by Michael Hardin

Favorite Music

I was not a Portishead fan the first 271 times I listened to their songs. Too angsty, too dramatic. I lumped them in with Bjork, ugh (still ugh). Then a year or so ago, when I started using Pandora regularly, Portishead kept popping up on a few of my favorite stations. Darn those persistent Brits, 10+ years later I find myself enjoying their music, especially “Only You” and “Glory Box”

Favorite Dream Job

If I won the lottery tomorrow I would buy a gold airplane with spinning rims on the landing gear go on vacation. I’d take a nice long trip, somewhere far away, with my whole family. When I made it back to reality I would buy a house, directing my real estate agent to my Pinterest boards, obviously. Then I’d find a nice little mom and pop bakery and ask for a job. I don’t have the ambition to put in the hours and personal sacrifice needed to run a business. I just want to make desserts, maybe some sandwiches. I want to feed people. I don’t want to spend 40+ hours a week in slacks trying to work up a corporate ladder. I just want the simple pleasure of creating something and knowing it made someone else happy.

Sweet Cheats in Atlanta, GA

Favorite Change

The weather! It rained today, so refreshing. I know I’m not the only one excited about pants and sweaters (muffin top is covered and I only have to shave once a week). I also don’t take for granted living in San Diego “cold rainy weather” means 60 degrees during the day and 1/2″ of drizzle. It finally feels like fall, a week into November. We even used the fireplace after dinner at my Mom and Uncle’s house today.

Photo by Ashley Hauck

Favorite Libations

I’m loving all things hot and spicy and holiday scented. These recipes for Glogg and Cranberry Cider are on my “must try” list.

Glogg, traditional Scandanavian mulled wine. This brings back memories of drinks with friends in the beer garden at December Nights Balboa Park.

Hot Cranberry Cider. I love all things cranberry. I love all things Paula Dean. I’m definitely adding the “optional” bourbon.

Favorite Organization Aspirations

My kitchen is a mess. Creating order from the chaos that is my utensil drawers and small appliances is overwhelming. I don’t know where to start so I don’t. Instead I sit on Pinterest and pin ideas for organizing my big fantasy kitchen. I’m sure this will come in handy after I win the lotto and buy that dream house.

No lifting six cookie sheets while trying to slide the muffin pan out from under them. Image from Houzz.

Slice that tomato and sweep all the mushy seeds straight into the trash, love it. Image from Apartment Therapy.

Baskets for dry vegetables (potatoes, onions). Bin for fresh bread. Home Design Pins.

Image from Dwelling Gawker.

Dream Pantry. Image from Houzz.

Favorite Humor

The rare occasion I’ll answer my phone. These are also my options when Jake and Alex call.

I’m currently enjoying 200 calories of Spanish Quarter tempranillo.

Pinterest finally made private boards! So now I can plan my wedding without the whispered she’s-not-even-dating-anyone commentary.



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  1. Horsetail Fall in Yosemite lights up like fire at sunset for two weeks in February, as long as it’s not cloudy. 🙂


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