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A Crafty Wanna-Be Mom

I loved my Grandma’s sewing room. Inside was all kinds of crafty goodness – colored paper, fabric, markers, pipe cleaners, foam shapes, you name it. She would take me to Michael’s and let me pick out silk flowers, cake decorating sets, sticker books. I remember her teaching me how to curl ribbon for a present. I was so frustrated I couldn’t do it as effortlessly as she did. “Sarah, when you’ve practiced for 50 years (our age difference), you’ll be even better than me.”

Pinterest is an endless source of DIY and craft ideas. Some things I pin, thinking “that’s actually pretty cute, and useful, and not too time consuming.” But most of it I just laugh and think “really, who has time for that madness?!” It’s important to me that Leia experience the magic of art and creativity. But if I’m being honest, I’m totally slacking in the kid friendly crafts department. Same goes for my house and DIY projects – lots of great ideas, not a whole lot of action. I’m not being overly ambitious either. I’m not trying to make flower vases from wine bottles or turn an old TV stand into a play kitchen.

We made hand print hugs today for both Grandmas.

Here are other projects I consider realistic:

Use a paper punch to make shapes from paint cards and string them together. One step up from the good ol’ paper chain. I think this would be fun to do with Leia for different shapes for different holidays.

Buy felt. Attach to wall (command strips?). Cut shapes.      Easy peasy.

Mod podge tissue paper to the inside of a glass jar and drop a LED candle inside. There are no less than 8,345 uses for a Mason jar on Pinterest.

Easy to make dough, cookie cutter shapes, stamps for a pattern and paint. Merry Christmas!

Cornstarch + water + food color = sidewalk paint.

Here are ones that make me laugh:

Make your own sandals! No thanks. I’ll get some flip flops for $2 at Old Navy.

Maybe it’s because I’ve only recently had decent fingernails to paint, but 99% of the pins for decorated nails look ridiculous to me.

Pretty much all of the ideas to radically transform one item of clothing into something else make me laugh. Maybe if I loved a sewing machine like I love a stand mixer I’d feel differently.

See comment above. This was made from a man’s dress shirt. I’d rather buy a different shirt/skirt/whatever than take the time and effort to create one from something else.

16 hours and 127 tiny paper flowers later…

Ain’t nobody got time for that. Exactly.


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  1. We do that sidewalk paint ALL the time – its so easy/cheap and Cy loves it!

    • We have been soaking her chalk in water to make paints, haha! Good to know this one works. We need to do another kids craft day at your house, you have tons of good ideas.

  2. Haha I like that last picture, I have to agree with a lot pinterest finds. But I love the felt Christmas tree idea! So cute.

    • Thanks Claire! I’m such a Pinterest addict. I think my favorite e-card is the one that says something like “if only someone would pay me to drink wine and pin all day” 😉

  3. I LOVE that tree one but.. Do they sell felt that big?! Maybe I’ve just never looked but I’ve definitely never seen a piece of felt that huge.


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