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Friday Favorites

Favorite Read  Southern Living Magazine. I haven’t traveled in the South. I don’t have Southern relatives. My knowledge on all things Southern is slim.

Still, I’m convinced in another life I belong on a porch swing, sipping tea, eating cheese straws and watching Leia run around a big grassy backyard. Maybe it’s the history and architecture, or the food, or the slow down lifestyle that draws me in. I live vicariously through this magazine, imagining “someday I’ll go there” itineraries to soak up all things Southern.

Favorite Style 

I love everything about this outfit – bright patterned maxi, yellow bag, boots, turquoise jewelry.

How pretty and feminine are these? Walking in heels is awkward and painful for me, so I stick to flats. I am very much a comfort over style (if I have to pick) girl. Still, these are adorable for the rare occasion I get fancy, totally worth leaving the party barefoot a few hours later.

This ring is just stunning. If there’s a marriage in my future (no, I’m not dating, so many years from now), this would be one of my top choices. I love the simplicity and colored stone.

Favorite Music   Mumford & Sons.

I love all their raspy, folk rock, bluegrass goodness. They’re coming to LA for two nights in November which is entirely unfair. Come on guys, why not one day in LA and one in SD?

Favorite (yet to be made) Recipe  These two cauliflower recipes are calling my name.

I tried the butternut squash fries from last week’s “favorites” post. Like all my attempts to make fries in the oven they were a mix of burnt, mushy or underdone. How does that happen? I mostly blame my inability to cut perfectly uniform fry-shaped sticks. Also, I think there’s some magic trick to making fries in the oven I just haven’t figure out, maybe parboiling?

Favorite Mom Moment   Watching Leia sleep. I had a horrible nightmare this week. She was kidnapped. While I was running around in a frenzy everyone else around me was calm. It was so vivid and traumatizing. Seeing her next to me was like taking a deep breath after being under water. Watching her sleep always makes me feel peaceful, centered, like all is right with the world.

Favorite Dream Home   Two reasons I dream about a big spacious backyard: cool tree houses for the kiddos and cozy fire pits.

Favorite Fantasy Travel   The fairy pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Magical indeed.


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