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Clutter and procrastination

Things that feel good: Getting a haircut. Cleaning out the refrigerator. Tossing Leia’s ragged old toys. Going through my closets to make a pile of donations.

I love getting rid of old things, making space in my life. But lately I’ve been slacking off, feeling overwhelmed with the clutter, putting off organizing because I can’t figure out where I want to start. Or worse, I get stuck in the mindset that I might need _____ in the near future, despite the fact that it’s been collecting dust for a year.

I used to do a lot of cleaning and organizing after Leia went to bed at night. Now I just like to read and drink tea or a glass of wine. Facebook has taken a far backseat to Pinterest. Occasionally I update this blog. I rarely turn on the TV since I only follow a few shows throughout the year. Speaking of shows, Vampire Diaries is new this week! Yes, I know I’m twice the age of their target audience, hush. The point being, I’ve really come to love my “me” time in the evening.

So when does stuff get done? When Leia is awake I usually have her help with the everyday stuff – laundry, dishes, etc. Obviously it’s just fun involvement right now, but I figure it’s better for her to learn about chores now. Also, with just the two of us, it’s not that much cleaning. That statement probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not a clean freak, a little dust doesn’t scare me. I don’t vacuum regularly, just when the carpet looks dirty. So “it’s not that much cleaning” is based on my standards.

I really need to tackle my kitchen. Why have 12 wine glasses when I’m only getting 1-2 dirty before running the dishwasher? People don’t come over to drink wine these days (sad face), so those poor glasses in the back get no love. My drawers are a hot mess, with cooking utensils just shoved in randomly. It doesn’t help that Leia can reach all the drawers with her step stool now and rearranges for me. I need to get all the sharp stuff up out of her reach – top of the fridge I guess? I have four flower vases. Once in the last two years I’ve bought flowers at the farmers market, not enough to justify four vases. Those examples are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m no hoarder, not by a long shot, but I’m starting to feel the weight of extra stuff around the house.

I keep saying I’m going to have my mom come over for a few hours and watch Leia while I tackle my big to do list. Then when she comes over I usually end up going to the gym – with my iPhone and kindle app because I like to squeeze in extra reading time. Just like I can squeeze on my pants from last year, woohoo! I am aware that squeezing is not the same as fitting, but it’s a step in the right direction.




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  1. I got quite a few laughs reading this. Thanks for bringing out the humor in the land of clutter. I used to do a lot of cleaning and organizing (okay, more organizing than cleaning) and now I find other things far more interesting and fun. My space is suffering from the neglect. I’m working on getting my organizing and cleaning mojo back. You can see what I’ve been up to here: By the way, the cards included in this post are too funny!


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