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Friday Favorites

I’m writing this entire post using the WP app on my iPhone. We’re in Orange County tonight, and I’m in bed with a cup of tea. I got in a little workout after the tot went to bed and realized I hadn’t wrote about my favorite things!

Speaking of beds, there’s two of them in Leia’s room up here. Tonight we are trying her in one bed and me in the other. We’ve never slept separately. I guess we’ll see how the night goes! I still nursed her, then sat next to her before she fell asleep. Baby steps.

Favorite Music Federico Aubele. I downloaded Postales years ago and I’ve been hooked on his sexy yet chill Latin jams since. I reminisce about sipping red wine in Argentina when Federico plays.


Favorite Jewelry I love these lockets. Jewelry with secret compartments is just awesome. I might splurge on one for Christmas.


Favorite Food Butternut Squash. I want to put it in everything! I blame Pinterest, of course. Who knew there were so many amazing ways to cook up those gourds?

Favorite Travel Fantasy Romanian castles. I get spooked easily and I hate it. I can’t walk through even the cheesiest haunted houses. I need a night light. I close my eyes if a movie gets scary. So why put Transylvania on my “places to travel” list? Maybe it’s subconscious from reading so vampire stories. I imagine visiting Romania is like taking a step back in time. It seems like a magical place – ancient castles surrounded by small towns and green hills.



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