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Friday Favorites

Favorite Adventure Spending the first day of fall at a pumpkin patch. Doesn’t matter if it’s at least 85 degrees, autumn has arrived and I’m excited! Mike, Leilani and I took the girls to a pumpkin patch in Irvine Park. The park is huge – there’s a lake, horses, a train, tons of wide open space – definitely worth more visits year round. Leia had a blast leading our group through the hay bale maze. She spent a few minutes in a bounce house before moving on to saddle on a hay bale horses, assigning a rider to each one, “Daddy’s horse, Leia’s horse!” We walked through a haunted house, which wasn’t terrifying (thank goodness, because I’m a wuss and hate all things scary). Decorating cookies and cherry icees before dinner made it an all around great adventure.

Favorite Recipe Quinoa stuffed bell peppers. I pinned this recipe from Eat Yourself Skinny as inspiration for the one bell pepper in my fridge. I ended up using shredded zucchini (leftover from my semi-failed attempt at zucchini brownies) and baked sweet potato (leftover from dinner the night before) mixed in with a package of garden vegetable quinoa and freshly shaved parmesean. It was delicious! Leia didn’t eat the pepper but she did have some quinoa and sweet potato. Note to self: put stuffed peppers in the dinner rotation more often.

Favorite Drink This tea, mixed with a splash of almond milk and a little stevia, satisfies my cravings for Oregon Chai. Those chai mix packets are full of sugar and therefore calories I don’t need. I know it says peach tea, but I don’t really taste peach, just the cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.

Favorite Fashion I’m not a fashionable person. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes. I can’t coordinate random items into an outfit or know what accessories to add on. I wear the same 8 or 10 outfits all year. Too cold for that sundress? Throw some leggings on! But I loooooove Pinterest (and Polyvore) for making it so easy to create a virtual wardrobe.

Would absolutely wear this as a wedding dress. But that would mean only wearing it once, which is not enough.

I love these colors together.

Favorite Travel Fantasy View the Aurora Borealis in Finland, check out these glass domes! Sometime in my life I’m going to stay there, surrounded by snow, and watch the sky light up.


Favorite Dream Home Built in kitchen tables. My dream home definitely has a breakfast nook – in addition to the rustic, farm-style dining table with 10 chairs, but that’s another post.

Favorite Inspiration Love fearlessly. Live intentionally.


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  1. I eat a lot of quinoa but I always make it the same way. I need to find some new quinoa recipes.

    • How about for breakfast? I need to buy milk this week, then I’m trying a few recipes that use quinoa like a sub for slow cooked oats.


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