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One of my favorite foodie blogs is Iowa Girl Eats. Her recipes are consistently delicious, the photography is stellar, and her bubbly personality shines through in each post. Each week she does a “Friday Favorites” post about random things from the internet. My friend Jamie at Handling with Grace? does “Gripes and Gratitudes” and Jasmine Star (the first blog I followed back in 2008) does “Kisses and Disses.” I love these ideas so much I’m stealing them! Imitation is flattery right?

I don’t really think of this blog as something strangers on the internet read. I’m pretty sure my only regular viewers are my Mom and five or six awesome friends, and I’m cool with that. Maybe every now and then someone does a search for key words that match my tags and find a recipe. I consider this blog a diary, a way to look back years from now and reminisce. Which made me realize I want weekly post where I just write about random things I enjoy (or don’t) that week.

I tried to think of a witty title for these posts, but lack the creativity of my peers. So Friday Favorites it is.

From the Wilson Creek Facebook page.

Favorite discovery Bed Bath and Beyond sells wine! I still think Trader Joe’s has the best selection at dirt cheap prices. But this means I can use those 20% off coupons I’ve been hoarding to get a great deal on my favorite reds and whites.


Favorite accomplishment It’s been over a month with no nail biting! It’s a disgusting habit. I’m grossed out when I watch other people do it. I think the secret is just to keep them painted – if I don’t see the nails I don’t bite them. For the first time ever, I cut my nails because they were too long. Once they grew past the tips of my finger I felt like a 12 year old with press on nails, it was annoying. So if I just keep them painted and short I think I can kick the habit!


Favorite books For the past six weeks I’ve been submerged in books by Richelle Mead. Melissa always gives me suggestions on new books to pick up and I’m never disappointed, she rocks. I read the Georgina Kincaid series first, then the Vampire Academy series, and just finished the second book in the Bloodlines series (book 3 is unreleased). That’s 14 books! I’ll probably pick up the Dark Swan series after my current reads. Sometimes the YA books can be a little too targeted for teens and I roll my eyes at the characters or obvious plot directions. But overall I’m a huge fan of the urban fantasy/paranormal romance/young adult fiction genres, in case that wasn’t obvious. This week I’m reading two books, She’s Come Undone (coming of age memoir) and Unraveling (YA urban fantasy, another Melissa recommendation).


Favorite music The xx (Xx? XX?). The second album was just released, but I slightly prefer songs from the first album. Whats not to love about the British indie pop trio? Not much I say.


Favorite travel fantasy My “Places to Go” board on Pinterest is filled with amazing destinations. Everyday I dream about what it would be like to see all of them. The source for this photo says it’s West Virginia. I can just imagine sitting on the edge watching that sunset, being humbled by all the natural beauty around me.


Favorite dream home I don’t think I’d ever leave the kitchen. Look at all those open beams the windows, the stone wall! The stove under the arch is fantastic. Yep, I already see myself with an apron on buzzing away while my friends and family laugh and sip wine around me.


Favorite recipe It’s probably the Chai Pumpkin Spice cookies. Since it already got it’s own post, I’ll go with the Baked Risotto with Caprese Chicken from Baked Bree. I had no idea you could bake risotto so I was skeptical. But some vigorous stirring right out of the oven and the rice was creamy and delicious! The recipe was so simple and tasty, it’s definitely on my “make again” list.


Favorite picture Leia showing off her teeth. I have to brag because my kid is a champ with brushing her teeth. She gets them all pretty well on her own, but doesn’t mind me helping. Now if only I could stop procrastinating about scheduling her first dentist appointment.


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