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Leia stacking blocks with her Dad.

We had a good trip to Orange County this week. Mike and Leilani watched Leia for a few hours. They had fun playing at Gramma’s house and watching cartoons, and I didn’t know what to do with so much free time! I wandered the mall, got coffee, read a book. I felt really inefficient at “relaxing.” Next time, I’m going to schedule a hair cut, or a dental exam, or something else that takes a bunch of time and isn’t toddler friendly. We talked about helping Mike be a more hands on Dad, and Leia spending more time with them alone. Ultimately they would like her to visit every other weekend. We’ll start with me bringing her up twice a month, for two days and one night (vs. my current schedule of once a month for three days and two nights). During those visits I’ll leave Leia with them for longer and longer periods of time. Then in 6 months we’re going to try an overnight alone with Mike and Leilani at our house, so Leia has familiar surroundings. I don’t know if she’ll be totally ready for weekends overnight in the next year, there are a lot of baby steps along the way, but I think Leilani and I have communicated well about what we all want for the future and what is in Leia’s best interest. I know she is going to love growing up with a lot of families, as one big group that loves her. I think about all the great memories I have of spending time with my Dad and his family growing up – camping, parks, bar-b-ques, games, adventures – I know Leia will enjoy the same.



Go Chargers!

Football season is here and I’m psyched! I’m geeked! Whatever the cool kids are saying these days. Chargers beat the Raiders this week, and I’m looking forward to seeing them beat KC in November. Two of my lovely friends, Pina and Rachel, and joining me. I’ve already been thinking about football themed treats I want to make us for tailgating. Bring on the cold beer and rowdy crowd! Woohoo!


Rush hour traffic.

In case you can’t tell, my Mom is riding Leia’s three wheeler bike. We go to Grammy and Uncle Randy’s house and she tells my Mom “Grammy bike, Leia car!” and they drive around and around. She’s a lucky little girl.


Topless with bunny ears.

I love this picture. She’s totally consumed with digging through the toys at her Dad’s house. If 20 years from now she decides to pose for Playboy, I’ll kick myself for obviously missing the signals!


Chopsticks for kids!

How cool are those little plastic adapters that help kids use chopsticks?! Like I needed another reason to love P.F. Changs. The kid loves lettuce wraps, obviously she has good taste.


I’m doing this fun 5k with friends in November. I might sign up for The Electric Run too! Don’t be fooled into thinking this makes me a runner. A 5k is 3.1 miles, easy peasy, and I only want to do runs that have some kind of crazy theme or big reward (hello, Hot Chocolate 5k!). Maybe someday I’ll get brave and try a 10k, who knows.






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  1. Youre getting brave, my friend. I look forward to seeing how this all progresses


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