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Pintrest Experiments

Pintrest is my favorite website. It easily trumps Facebook. Pandora and GoodReads come in as close runner ups. But if I’m voting based on the website that I happily donate hours of my precious free time to…Pintrest wins.

I feel slightly less guilty for all that wasted time when I actually try the things I pin. Check out this blog, Pintrest Fail, it’s freakin’ hilarious!

So here’s what I’ve been up to:

Delighted Momma’s Apple Cider Vinegar Elixer

Image from Delighted Momma

I’ve been reading about all these wonderful benefits apple cider vinegar has when consumed or applied topically. The most alluring promises were regulating blood sugar and promoting digestions. Who doesn’t love the idea of feeling cleansed and healthy? So I made a trip to Whole Foods for the raw unfiltered organic apple cider and mixed up a batch of the drink you see above (ACV, apple juice, cinnamon, water, stevia). It was disgusting. I could barely finish it without gagging. I know vinegar is an acquired taste. I enjoy balsamic vinegar a lot, especially with lots of olive oil and a loaf of crusty bread. So I asked for suggestions via Facebook and was directed to take it like a shot or add it to my salad dressing and steamed veggies. The next day I filled up a shot glass and took it down with a wedge of lemon as a chaser – tooth enamel be damned. It was so much easier! No crappy aftertaste. Later that night I used the ACV as a toner, just applied it with a cotton ball about 20 minutes before I went to bed. It smelled bad for about 5 minutes, then I didn’t notice. It might just be seeing things I want to see, but my skin definitely looked a little more radiant in the morning.

Bruce Paltrow’s World-Famous Pancakes as seen on Self

Image from Self

These were delicious! I made them almost exact as the recipe stated, just adding the zest of a lemon and some blueberries. I’m a big fan of buttermilk in baked goods, and especially pancakes. The best part of this recipe was putting everything together the night before so there’s hardly any work in the morning. Oh, and check out this genius tip from Real Simple: Clean an old ketchup bottle and use it as a pancake batter dispenser. The only thing I would do differently is add some ground flax or fiber powder so I feel a little less guilt when I devour a stack as big as that picture. I also learned that the blueberries are best if they’re roughly chopped and added to batter before pouring onto the griddle.



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  1. Yum. Carbs. Mmmm.


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