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Is summer over yet? I’m too hot.

I love summer. Every year I get crazy excited about camping, bar-b-ques, 4th of July, sandy beaches, bright blue lakes, hiking in the mountains, long days, warm nights, swimming pools, fresh produce, ice cold beer, fruity cocktails. Everything about this season is magical and wonderful to me. This year I fantasized about spending a week camping with other families in lake houses – long days on a boat, sipping mojitos and sangria, smores by the campfire, lots of laughter, kids running around. A fantasy resulting from spending too much time on pintrest and despite good intentions, never materialized. Maybe next year? Who’s with me?

From my “summer” Pintrest board, camping on the water.

Not to say it hasn’t been a wonderful summer so far. We do spend a lot of days at the beach. We’ve splashed around a lot in pools. We’ve indulged in lots of summery food – bar-b-que, watermelon, peaches, salads, and ice cream. We had a great time celebrating 4th of July. I’m a little wistful we won’t enjoy the camping vacation above, but maybe there’s still time to plan a weekend trip to the local mountains. There’s still plenty of summer left.

Playing in the pool with her friend Cyler at his birthday party.

4th of July

So in the middle of enjoying my love affair with all things summer, it actually gets hot. Warm and breezy gives way to hot and sometimes (like this week) humid. I’m reminded the blazing summer sun is only enjoyable under the shade of a palm tree with an ice cold drink. It’s not fun when I’m sweating carrying groceries inside, or mingling through the crowds at Seaworld or the Zoo. I hate being stuck inside during the day, if only I had a big grassy backyard with shady trees!

I’m not sure when I became a fragile flower that wilts when it hits 80 degrees. I grew up without air conditioning – didn’t have it at home and never used it in my car, always had the windows open in the summer. I enjoyed the heat. I loved laying out in the sun, feeling it bake my skin while I half-napped or read a trashy magazine. Okay, maybe that last change has less to do with heat intolerance and more with not having the option to sun bathe undisturbed for many more years.

I do love a warm summer night, after the sun goes down and there’s usually a breeze. But this hot daytime sun? Forget it, I feel smothered. I refuse to go to parks that don’t have an abundance of trees. I avoid the beach or the pool mid-day like the plague. If we’re heading outdoors, we go before 11 am or after 4 pm to avoid the heat (and the crowds). When I get in the car I can’t imagine not having the AC set to 70. I even turned on the AC at home all this week to bring us down to 76. Then I feel guilty because using AC feels like an indulgence, wasteful of several resources. I also realize I’m complaining about sweltering heat and it’s high 80’s, maybe low 90’s. I know lots of people have it worse.

Ugh, I’m hot.

There’s still a lot of summer to enjoy – late afternoons at the beach, bar-b-ques by the pool, maybe even that camping trip. I just wish it was a warm and breezy (low humidity) mid-70’s.


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  1. What is a ‘smore’ ??

    • I thought these were universal! S’mores are a delicious combination of crunchy graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate. Or if you want to get really exotic, use a peanut butter cup instead of a square of plain chocolate. Roast the marshmallow on a stick over the fire then sandwich it and a piece of chocolate between two squares of graham cracker. Heavenly.

      • I want a smore, my son will want a smore, we’ll all end up wanting smore. Thanks fantastic, usually we just toast marshmallows…Thanks,

      • A roasted marshmallow in between two chocolate chip cookies will also do in a pinch, hope you both enjoy!

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