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I need an adventure

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…and I don’t mean heading to Trader Joes and Vons in the same morning, or sifting crayons out of the cat liter. I want to go somewhere on a plane or a train or a boat, somewhere far away and new. My “places I’d like to go” board has too many amazing, beautiful, breath taking pins. I hope that reference to Pintrest ages me in 10 years and makes Leia laugh 😉

A glass igloo to watch the Northern Lights


Barcelona, Spain


My Dad took us camping a lot when I was a kid. We didn’t go far, usually the local mountains or the desert. Once we went to the Grand Canyon and another time to Yosemite, those were exciting times, great memories. When I was in my early 20’s I went on a few cruises, mostly around the Caribbean. I love cruising, but it’s definitely not a way to experience the places you travel to. Every time we were on land we were surrounded by tourists (like us), without enough time to really get lost and explore. I’ve traveled more outside the U.S. than in it. I’ve only been to a handful of states – all over California, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii. I have my fingers crossed for a trip to the northeast (MD, NY, CT) this fall to visit friends.

I don’t think I really fell in love with traveling until I booked a trip on a whim with two friends from work. I was 25 years old, single (divorced two years prior), bored at work, stuck in a rut. It was completely spontaneous, the conversation went something like “$400 to Europe round trip is insanely cheap, we should book it!” So we did. Rachel, Carrie and I spent two weeks running all over Europe and that adventure changed my life. Two years later we all went to South America together.

Girls in a pub! Pretty sure this was our first night in London.


Drinking champagne after taking a tour of the Moet Chandon cellars in France.


Machu Picchu, Peru


Carnival costumes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


There’s a few quotes about not really knowing your friends until you travel with them. We definitely became better friends, and I hope when we’re old and grey the three of us will still go on adventures. I’m thinking about them tonight because they just returned from Africa (Africa!!). The year before they went to Greece. Obviously I’ve been living vicariously through their travels until Leia is old enough to join me.

Until then, I’ve been day dreaming about being stuck at sea for a few days. So if anyone has a yacht and wants to take me (and the little one…and really whoever else wants to come) sailing, I’ll happily pay you in freshly baked treats, wine and giddy conversation. Seriously, lets go get lost.


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