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Photo from The Sweet Life

These Peanut Butter Cups Smores are worthy of the rave reviews both times I tested the recipe. The downside? I gained at least five pounds in the last two weeks from having peanut butter cups in my house. Letting them sit for eight hours to cool in the kitchen was a cruel test to my willpower. The first time I made them exactly to the recipe, and they were great. The second time I made the following tweaks: substituting mini marshmallows for the marshmallow fluff, dropping dough in flat clumps on top instead of a solid layer, adding mini marshmallows on top about 5 minutes before they were done, and using mini reeces cups instead of the full size ones.

I’d stick with the fluff. It’s a pain to spread but it melted less, creating a gooey marshmallow center. I liked breaking up pieces of the top crust so the fluff bubbled through. I also liked the crispy toasted marshmallows on top – just make sure you add them in the last 5-10 minutes, not at the beginning. You could go either way with the big or little reeces, but the mini ones come in a bag which means I’m not unwrapping tons of candy (read: less temptation to eat open candy).

Swim skirts! I love them.

From JCrew. Love the color and cut.

I hope these never go out of style. Actually, I’m not a stylish girl so I’ll wear these regardless. But if I can convince myself I’m sort of hip and less matronly, it would be a bonus. I’ve always struggled with how bikini bottoms dig into my hips creating lines and bulges and muffin tops. Even when I’m at my “skinny weight” – which is not skinny, and is about 20 lbs lighter than I am right now – I can’t find bottoms that fit in a way that makes me comfortable. So yay for the swim skirt!

Sucking in and covering all that is jiggly, thank you swim dress.

I also love the swim dress and will probably wear them at the pool and beach all summer. I realize there’s no getting around a swim dress screaming middle aged woman covering her fat hips, but I’m okay with that. I’m too busy chasing a two year old to sit at that perfect angle that makes you look skinny in a bikini, so I’d prefer to be comfortable and cover my jiggly parts.

Now I can eat Reece’s S’mores and wear a bathing suit, ha!

Listening to my xx station on Pandora.

I’m terrible at updating my music library, so bad I don’t actually have a music library anymore. I haven’t bought music since 2006. Checking out a service like Rhapsody or Spotify has been on my to-do list for a while, right there with “figure out Skype.” I can’t wait for Leia to read an archive of this in 10 years and giggle at my inability to figure out what will then be outdated technology. The point is, I really like Pandora. I can plug in artists I like, it makes me a playlist and I’ve got this particular station pretty dialed in. I just recently heard the xx (see? so out of the loop when it comes to music), and so far I’m in love. The station plays a heavy rotation of my current sing-out-loud favorites like Mumford and Sons, Vampire Weekend, Matt & Kim, Florence and the Machine and Ellie Goulding. But the best thing about Pandora is finding new music! So far I’m also loving Calvin Harris, Lana del Rey, Kito & Reija Lee, Passion Pit, Morgan Page, the Hundred in the Hands. I keep a list of artists I like so someday when I do figure out a music streaming service I can download theirs. If anyone wants to post some suggestions based on what I like, I’m all ears (ha).


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  1. jamiehodgerson

    Loce that first swim skirt. 🙂

  2. What a pleasure to find soeomne who thinks through the issues

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