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I grew up in a house with a backyard. Grandma and Grandpa’s house was built in the 50’s on a corner lot of a new suburb tract. In the corner there’s a tall tree, it was bigger when I was a kid and held up our tree forts. Grandpa put up a big pool, the kind above ground, which lasted until I was a teenager. There were fruit trees – plum, apricot, lemon – the lemon tree still stands. Plenty of room for dogs and kids to run around, a place to BBQ, space to explore and imagine.

Leia and I love going to visit Grammy and Uncle Randy so we can play in the backyard. As much as I love our cozy apartment, it’s nice new amenities, I miss having a yard. I want Leia to grow up knowing what it’s like to hear me scream “go outside and play!” and know that means run wild in the yard.

We spend lots of time on patio everyday, painting or drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, watering the plants, refilling the bird feeder. Leia also loves to sweep and look for snails.

While enjoying my Pintrest addiction for all things “dream home” I realized one of the most important features is a big grassy yard. If I won the lottery tomorrow and went house hunting, the yard would set the standard. I’d even look at homes in parts of the city I’d never consider living before, just because I could get open space.

I dream about a yard with lots of trees: fruit tress and big shady trees for sitting under in the summer. I want space for Leia to have a swingset, and a fort. A fancy built in BBQ and a wood deck would be nice. A big farmhouse table under a tree for friends and family to gather for Sunday dinners and birthdays. I want space to lay out and look at the stars, listen to the crickets, without the sounds of traffic or street lights drowning them out. Oh I know, “a lawn is so much work to take care of” and “all those plants just means lots of bugs.” But shh, I don’t need a buzzkill for my fantasy.

If we’re going super fantasy yard I also want one of those eco-friendly pond pools. Pond pool? Yes, my first reaction was yuck I don’t want to swim in a pond. But the more pictures I saw (on Pintrest of course), the more I fell in love with the idea of a pool that looked like a natural pond and used plants for filtration vs. chemicals. I’m on an anti-chemical kick but that’s a whole other post.

I love the dock! It doesn’t look like a creepy pond either.

A fire pit for roasting marshmallows.

Fancy house with a beautiful deck! I love how they built around the tree.

A place to watch the stars.

Beautiful deck with a built in spa and a big grassy yard, I’m in heaven!


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  1. jamiehodgerson

    We have a nice big yard but no fruit trees. I’d love to do a garden but I don’t even know where to start. I wish we had a gardener.


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