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Car repairs. Flooded apartment. Mega Millions.

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My family likes to gamble. I remember my Grandpa buying lotto tickets when I was little. My Mom and I joke about “investing in our retirement plan” when we go to 7-11 to buy a few tickets. So needless to say we’ve been buying tickets for the last several drawings. It’s up to $500 million. Half a BILLION dollars. The kind of money you associate with white collar criminals. I can’t really wrap my head around it – so it’s what $350 million if you take the lump sum? Then maybe $200 million after taxes? Realistically you can’t tell anyone that you won, the likelihood of getting murdered or at least kidnapped would skyrocket! Nevermind the “friends and family” coming out of the woodwork. I was thinking of who I would expect to come creeping back from my past, how would I share the money with my loved ones, with people in need? How would I find someone to manage my money but not screw me over. It sounds incredibly overwhelming, and poisonous. Of course I’m just putting a bad spin on it because it helps me feel better when I don’t win. I’ll be buying tickets for Friday, wish me luck!

A week or so ago Leia was playing in the front seat of my car while I was cleaning it. She discovered the change holder, but didn’t appear to be eating it so I thought I was in the clear. Then I saw her drop a nickle in the tape deck (yes, my 2003 Murano has a tape deck). I did the Mom thing, saying we don’t put money there, showed her where the money goes then redirected her to wiping the dash while I removed the change quietly. I was able to fish the nickle out, no harm done. Then a few days later my radio stops working. Since my car has been a pain in the ass with repairs lately I figured this was just another problem. I was going to ignore it, get a radio to put on the front seat. Then Saturday Leia and I were driving with my Mom back to our apartment and white smoke starts coming out of the radio into the car! We pull over on the side of the freeway and call AAA. We discussed jumping down the dirt hill if a car came at us. About 5 minutes later a highway patrol car comes up and waits with us. AAA arrives with a single cab truck, so Leia and I ride in the patrol car. I told her this will be her only ride in the back of a cop car. My Uncle comes over and pulls the fuse to the radio so it’s safe to drive to my run the next morning. Later I’m searching online for possible causes and come across someone saying their toddler put change in the CD player and it blew a fuse. So the next day I check the tape deck and sure enough – a quarter and a penny went in unnoticed! My repair guy was out of town so he wasn’t able to get to my car until tomorrow. Going this long without a car has been crappy. While I try not to feel like a spoiled brat with first world problems, being stuck walking around our complex, the shopping center, or taking the trolley has been frustrating.


Chillin on the 8 west...

So Monday I meet some girlfriends for a movie date. Obviously my Mom comes over to watch Leia so I take her car. Movie was awesome. I get back home, I’m driving through the parking lot and see my Mom with Leia so I stop, throw the car in park and we switch places. But the car won’t get out of park. The transmission was just rebuilt, but it’s a rickety old 98 dodge neon. We try a handful of things, then call AAA to have it towed to her house. Thankfully it’s a small part and not a whole new transmission, should be back by tomorrow.

This afternoon I was texting my sister and the battery on her car died. Granted, she left the light on (looking for her lotto tickets in the dark after she got home from work). So $90 later she has a new car battery installed by AAA.

We’re definitely earning our memberships. But seriously, could there be any worse car luck going on in this family?! I hate that we are all so broke that we can’t drive more reliable cars, but I remind myself that it won’t always be this way. Especially if we win Mega Millions on Friday, ha.

Monday was a double whammy of bad luck with the apartment upstairs having a flood. Back in August my water heater broke and required a bunch of drywall and carpet to be replaced, and days of lour industrial fans and dehumidifiers in the apartment. Well the same thing just happened to the people above me. The same section of drywall that was replaced in August is being replaced tomorrow. They offered to put us in a hotel, which was nice. But the idea of the cats (and their food and cat box) and Leia and myself with all our stuff in a hotel room for a few days didn’t sound fun – especially with no car! So they’re giving us a rent credit. Since Mike pays the rent for the apartment, I’m hoping we can use the money from the credit to repair the car. Seems like it would even out all the craziness of the past week!




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