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DIY HGTV and other fantasy acronyms

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I don’t see home ownership in my future. My family and friends are in San Diego. Leia’s father is in Orange County. So the option of uprooting to live somewhere less expensive will never be an option. Thankfully, Southern California is a nice place to be stuck, even if I’m stuck paying someone else’s mortgage.

My Dad didn’t own his first home until late in his life. My Mom and Uncle Randy have never owned a home. My Grandparents bought a house in the 50’s – that house still stands with our family in it. Grandpa was a WWII veteran then worked for the city, a stable job that allowed my Grandma to stay home and raise the kids. Aunt Cathy and Uncle Carl worked hard and saved to buy a home in Seattle they still live in today.

So why do I torture myself watching programs on the DIY channel and HGTV? I guess for the same reasons I watch Food Network, or skim through Pintrest for pictures of stylish outfits. Living the fantasy of “someday I’ll do/wear/make that” is nice.

I want a backyard with grass and trees to enjoy day and night.

I want a big open kitchen for Leia and I to cook in, and friends and family to gather.

I started to fall in love with the idea of remodeling my Grandparents home. The house is old, probably has structural issues. It got new carpet and fresh paint in the living areas this year, but the plumbing, the electrical, the bathrooms, the kitchen – all of it is from the 50’s and it shows. When my Grandma passed, my gut reaction was sell the house. It seemed like an empty shell, a burden. My Mom and Uncle Randy live there now, with Trixie and Papa. It’s been a blessing to have a place they can live with financial hardships. Leia and I visit at least once a week for dinner and play time. The more often I go, the more I want to breathe life into the house. To build it up and honor the hard work my Grandparents put into owning a home. Since the house is already paid off, and I plan to be back at work full time when Leia is school age, my income could go a lot farther. So I guess that’s why my brain seems stuck on shows that let me dream about “do it yourself” projects that the left side of my brain shouts “you’re a crazy woman!”


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