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My camera has been collecting dust in the closet (much like this blog). Always in my purse, my iphone has become my go to camera. I can upload images from my phone to Shutterfly for easy printing, post them to Facebook or Instagram, send them in a text or email to keep family up to date on daily life. Since upgrading to the iPhone 4s the photo quality has improved. It’s a far cry from DSLR, but I’ve decided that’s okay for now. I would like to check out these cool lens.

Today Leia found the camera, put the strap around her neck and found the shutter button right away.


Adorable right? When she went to bed I took a peek at the pictures she took.

Mom face.


Taking iphone pictures of my daughter taking camera pictures.


Hi there. This is classic, definitely a keeper.


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  1. So cute! She needs a fisher.price kid tough camera, cam loves hers!


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