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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Farewell 2011

I rang in the new year in pajamas with a glass of wine, sitting on my couch with two cats trying to steal my lap, my daughter stretched out like a peaceful starfish in bed. I am so glad this is my life.

Here’s what 2011 looked like:


We moved into a two bedroom apartment, and took in two cats, Daphne and Roz. Leia was sitting up on her own, giggling, enjoying sweet potatoes. I joined a mom group. I was working from home part time.



I lost my Grandma. When her body passed, she had already been gone for a while. I found peace knowing she had a full life and was no longer suffering. That said, it was still hard to realize the woman that dedicated her life to raising her children, then her grandchildren was no longer with us. Her death rekindled pain from losing my Dad in 2010. I think about both of them every single day.

October 2010

Holding Leia for the first time


My sister found out she was pregnant. I became more dedicated to a regular exercise routine and started keeping a food journal. I made a commitment to being a healthy role model for Leia. I spent more time with my new mom friends, including a trip to the YMCA for Leia’s first swim.



I visited my brother in Arizona on our Dad’s birthday, he met Leia for the first time. She likes the swings at the park, baths in the sink, and cruising around furniture (crawling? no thanks, she said). We celebrated Easter with my Mom and Uncle, I made carrot cupcakes and Leia played with plastic eggs filled with puffs and yogurt melts.



My first Mother’s Day with Leia (outside of me). Lots of playdates with our mom group – the pool, the zoo, the park, the lake, we got out a lot. Leia took her first steps and rode her first carousel. I stopped working – the position and I outgrew each other. Thankfully the financial support of Leia’s Dad for many expenses combined with my amazing budgeting and saving skills lets me stay at home with her – hopefully until she is in school full time.



Found out Leia’s cousin is a boy. She’s only got one tooth, but loves to eat broccoli and chew corn on the cob. We go to the Del Mar Fair with my Mom.



I accomplish my goal weight, losing approximately 55 pounds since March. I started writing this blog. The summer was a whirlwind of baby birthday parties. We spent a lot of afternoons at the beach or in the pool. Leia gets a second tooth, I experimented with several recipes for teething cookies. I bought her first pair of “real” shoes (Robeez). Leia turned one.



Mike and I took Leia on a train to Lake Nacimiento for a family vacation. I turned 30! Family and friends helped me celebrate with a BBQ at Mission Bay. I made some fantastic cakepops. I got a Keurig as a birthday present…morning coffee (and tea before bed) hasn’t been the same since.



Leia and I visited Andy for his birthday, it was her first plane ride. She discovered the joy in climbing everything, especially stairs, and pushing the stroller or shopping cart. I signed up for a cooking magazine, feeling inspired to make more meals from scratch.



My nephew, John Robert, was born. Leia was a pumpkin for Halloween in the costume she wore last year, it fit much better this time. I put on a witch mask I bought last minute. My Mom and I took her trick or treating in the neighborhood I grew up in.



I resisted the urge to overspend on holiday madness. Instead I focused on creating wonderful holiday food – including cranberry sauce from a 48oz. bag of cranberries from Costco and perfecting a recipe for gingerbread cookies. We celebrated Thanksgiving in three places – San Diego, Orange County, and Julian.



We hung stockings and lights on the walls, decorated a tree, went to Christmas parties. Leia screamed on Santa’s lap. I make a conscious effort not fall victim to sparkly discount emails that lure me in with the promise of a good deal. I enjoyed watching Leia be a chef (mixing pretend soups and offering me a taste) and an artist (coloring on any blank paper she can find).


Cheers to a wonderful 2012!