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Bath time!

Today was a big day!

When Leia was a month old bath time was a frantic, unpleasant, dreaded experience. I knew she’d scream until her face was red, and her slippery little body would squirm all over. She could smell my fear, which made things worse. Babies love bathtime, right? It’s calm and relaxing, bonding time with bubbles and giggles. Obviously Leia and I didn’t watch the same commercials.

We switched to baths in the sink and life was so much better! I still didn’t bath her frequently, maybe twice a week? She just didn’t need them. As she got older she got dirtier – sunscreen, playground sand, muddy hands, oatmeal facials and spaghetti hair treatments. So now she gets a scrub down in the sink 4-5 days a week. We’ve never been in the “bathtime before bed” club.


Lately she showed interest in the tub, getting in it all by herself to stack and organize the bottles. So I thought I would give bath time in the tub another try…

She loved it! She stayed in for 40 minutes, only getting out because the water got cold. She got a diaper and jammies, nursed for about 10 minutes and went to sleep. So now I totally understand why people do this bath time stuff before bed! We don’t have a night time routine, but this might inspire me to start one.

Daphne always watches Leia when she takes a bath. I can’t tell if she’s being protective or curious.


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