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Cookies and presents

The holidays are coming! Actually, they’ve been here a while. But I can feel myself getting sucked in to the madness, so that’s how I know the season has truly arrived.

I tested a gingerbread recipe tonight for the Holiday Party/Cookie Swap with The Moms. They tasted fantastic, but lost their shape quite a bit after cooking. Maybe I’ll try less baking soda, or colder dough. I guess even if they look like fat gingerbread people it’s the taste that counts, and this recipe from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen nailed it. Soft and chewy texture too, perfect. Where’s the picture you ask? I only baked 4 cookies, the rest of the dough is waiting in the freezer. “But certainly you didn’t eat all 4 cookies?” Yes, I did. In my defense I had a salad for dinner!

Found a cute homemade gift to give to friends and family this year, crossing that off the list feels good. I made my mom a photobook (I can write that here because it’s not likely my Mom will go online and read this before 2012). A few other people are getting gifts similar in sentimentality.

I’m buying Leia an easel from IKEA, a big box of crayons, maybe some paints. I’ll probably snag a recordable storybook from Hallmark too. I think that’s plenty.

Then I flip through the Toys R Us ad that came in the mail. I see the toy aisles out of the corner of my eye when we’re walking around Target. I feel this itch to buy her more. A kitchen set, a rocking horse, even noisy light up plastic toys seem less annoying during the holidays.

Usually the fiscally conservative Sarah screams in the background “don’t do it, just keep walking!” and I obey. I still think Leia is a little young to really get into the appreciation of more than a few gifts. I don’t have the money. If I did have the money I’d feel wasteful.

Now for me on the other hand…mama needs a new iPhone! That is my Christmas present to myself.


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  1. Yeah, we are not going all out for christmas either- for any of us. All three of us have more than we need. I want to get Eva a little table/ chair set, tricycle, and mini- couch chair thing, and dancing Elmo. All she’s getting for Christmas is a dancing Elmo, though! And a pair of thick tights/ leggings.

    I like the easel but I am just imagining icky chalk dust and chalky colored baby hands all over the house!


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