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Black Friday

Today was Thanksgiving #2. Leia and I had a fantastic time in Julian with John’s (Racheal’s boyfriend) family, they’re such good people. The drive was pretty with all the golden trees and open space. Dinner was delicious and Leia had a blast playing with the dog. On our way home we stopped at Carrie and Racheal’s for a second helping of dessert, ending the night with lots of laughs. We’re heading to Orange County for Thanksgiving #3 tomorrow morning. Surprisingly, I’m not tired of turkey and stuffing!

Like every year, the news is buzzing with Black Friday craziness. My inbox has a dozen or so emails with deals –  50% off kids clothes, buy one get one free shoes. A handful of friends braved the 10 p.m. and midnight rush at Wal-Mart. I don’t know anyone who lined up all day, which seems kind of sad to me (miss family dinner for a TV deal?).

I was pretty sure I wanted nothing to do with the chaos. I went to Target at 5 am one year, and was disappointed in the sales/selections. Here’s more specific reasons why I won’t be participating this year:

1. I hate navigating crowds. Black Friday at Target or Wal-Mart is going to be like Costco on a Saturday x 20. No thanks. It seems like some stores are already offering deals online, and discounted or free shipping.

2. Who is going to watch Leia? There’s no way I’m going to wear her or let her walk around pushing a cart in that madness.

3. I don’t need anything. I was eyeballing a $10 crockpot on the Wal-Mart ad. The easel I want to get Leia from IKEA is $10 vs. $15. I really really love scoring stuff for cheap. I avoid paying full price for anything. So I am easily lured in by the sparkly marketing promising me half off or more on things I want, things I justify as Christmas presents, or things I should get now because I’ll need later. The reality is I don’t need anything. So saving 100% is the best choice. If your family needs a new TV and you’re willing to wait in line then trample through a crowd to get one for $200 vs. $500, kudos to you my friend.

4. I believe with a still sluggish economy stores will continue to offer great sales through the end of the year. I’m not convinced if I don’t break down the doors at 4 a.m. I’ll miss out on super deals.

That said, I’m still curious. Part of me wants to brave the mall or Target in the afternoon to see what’s left. I’m practicing my “Just Say No” mantra.


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