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Past and Present

Who is that adorable baby in a cloth diaper? Oh, that’s me.

I love this picture because I see my two little teeth and it looks like Leia with her two little teeth. Speaking of teeth, her top two have finally broke through! Hooray, she’ll have more than two teeth into toddlerhood. How did my fingers not get pinched off with metal hinges like that? Same science that kept me alive without seatbelts for the first decade or so of life.

Circa 1983

Same sink, 28 years later.

The San Diego Zoo, entertaining our family for generations. Grandma is rockin’ the multicolored polyester head to toe. We used that bag for beach trips well into my teens. BOB has nothing on that sturdy stroller!

A very serious face…


Seaworld opened in the late 60’s. Here’s a picture from the 70’s (I think). I want to say my Aunt worked there when she was young, but I could be wrong. Either way, it’s neat to see how much has changed in nearly 40 years.


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