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Yankee Candle deal

Code: Q4B2G2

Buy 2 large Yankee jar candles and get 2 free! They’re a pricey investment but the large candles last for months with daily use. Yankee candles are the only candles, in my opinion, that actually make the whole room smell delicious.

A big thank you to Melissa for her addiction inspiring me to spend money I probably shouldn’t but still feel good about! They’re normally $26 each, I got 4 for $60 after tax and shipping.

What scents did I buy you ask?

Heritage Pine: Traditional greetings in boughs of pine . . . cool, crisp air with birch, pinecone and fir needles.

Fireside: Cozy and rustic . . . the scent of a warm, crackling wood fire.

Holiday Home Sweet Home: A familiar, welcoming seasonal blend of cinnamon, cloves, pine, cedar, smoked firewood and vanilla.

Be Thankful: It’s easy to appreciate nature’s goodness in the warm, inviting aromas of a Thanksgiving kitchen.

So very excited for how delicious my house is going to smell for the next several months!



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  1. I’ll share my addictions any time! Lol! I was soooo close to getting fireside, but I got Vanilla Lime instead. Can I check yours out like a library book?


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