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When I moved into my apartments I fell in love with the grilling areas by the pool. I imagined myself making gourmet kabobs, perfectly grilled chicken breasts, etc. As you can guess, I’ve used the BBQ area twice in the last 16 months.

After my first summer here, having adjusted (I use that term loosely) to parenting an infant, I realized maybe a small BBQ on my patio would get more use. I waited until this last summer to start shopping for one. Never bought it. I also never got around to buying patio furniture. Turns out that’s just fine because Leia likes the space to spread out brooms, dust pans, and other items from the closet. Poor girl doesn’t know the fun she’s missing out on with a real backyard.

The point is, any time I make burgers (which isn’t often) it’s on the stove. Stove burgers just aren’t right, even using the grill pan. Burgers are meant to be made outdoors. So I went in search of burger alternatives. For some reason, it doesn’t feel as ghetto to make a non-burger indoors. It’s just a hot sandwich.

I found two winners – both at Costco.

The first is 5th Street Grill’s Caramelized Onion Chicken Burgers. They’re really quick to heat up (toss in the microwave for a few minutes) so I can make myself lunch while Leia is eating. The package says “veggie fed, antibiotic free, all-natural poultry, minimally processed with few ingredients.”


The second is MorningStar Chipotle Black Bean Burgers. I hate veggie burgers. Hate them. So I was hesitant to even try something MorningStar brand because all I could picture was a bland tofu-y puck speckled with multicolored vegetables. I tried a black bean burger on the train ride to Paso Robles in August and it was surprisingly delicious. So I blindly bought a package of these burgers. I say blindly because it was a weekday and they weren’t giving out samples. They are great! They take about 25 minutes to heat up in the oven.

Both burgers I ate on sandwich thins with sliced cheddar and tomatoes. Avocado would also be nice. I’m on a horseradish kick so I might use some next time I have a chicken burger.


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  1. Melissa Fransaw

    Look at you eating all healthy! I had onion soup and toast for dinner, but I think the healthiness is canceled out by the 3/4 pan of pumpkin bars I’ve inhaled in the past 2 days. Mmm, just thinking about those make me want to make more, lol.

  2. I never eat veggie burgers anymore. I should go grab some. Such a healthy meal.


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