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Projects I’m falling behind on.

When Leia goes to sleep for the night, I immediately get into “project” mode. On rare occasions, I just veg in front of the TV catching up on my DVR drinking some tea (or wine). But most nights, I’m eyeballing my to-do list, thinking “what can I get done.”

The problem being, I don’t get much done. I’m not sure why. That’s a lie. I know that being online takes up hours of my free time. That seems so shameful to say type. Hours. I spend hours with my hands on this keyboard. So the internet lures me away from spending my time on wiser endeavors. Facebook and Pintrest calling my name like sirens.

Isn't this clever? The spice racks are $4 each, so it's cheap too.

Tonight I assembled the spice racks I bought at IKEA to use as bookshelves for Leia. I still need to figure out where to put them up, and actually get them on the wall. If I get ambitious, I’d like to paint them too. But at my current pace, I’ll just be excited when I can stick books in them.

I also put the pictures my brother sent in frames. Now where to hang those? Oh, then there’s the wall shelves I bought at Target to put my festive Halloween decorations on. Since I don’t have a mantle, I figured wall shelves are the next best thing. The handkerchiefs my brother draws on need frames. There’s one for Leia’s birthday, one for my birthday years ago, and a Chargers one. They’re an odd size, so I have to go to Aaron Brothers to ask about custom framing prices.

The TV and furniture need anchors now that Leia has decided she’s a billy goat climbing mountains all day long. But that means I need to stop procrastinating on moving the furniture around. I’ve been meaning to move the big bed into the smaller room we usually sleep in, and the smaller bed with all the baby stuff (changing table, crib, dresser) into the guest room.

Why don’t I sleep in the master bedroom? I don’t know. We just started sleeping in the smaller room, so now it feels more cozy. Plus if I use the smaller room to sleep in, but the master bathroom for showering I feel like I’m using the entire apartment.

I need to re-order flea medication for the cats, since they don’t sell it online I have to make a trip to the vet. My feet are desperate for a pedicure and my hair is beyond overdue for a cut, it’s permanently up in a bun with the almost-grown-out bangs in a clip.

I need to buy shoes for fall. A new pair of boots and a pair of flat everyday shoes. I realize I can wear flip flops 80% of the year in San Diego, hence my procrastination on these items. Plus I hate shoes. I hate shoe shopping. I wore the crap out of my Steve Madden boots a few years ago so I’m tempted to just go buy a replacement pair.

I’ve been scanning Amazon this past week for a keepsake chest to store family treasures. So far all the ones in my price range are too small.

I liked this one at Pier 1, but $250? Give me a break. I might settle for some $15 scrapbooking boxes just to get everything organized and stored away for now.

I guess I could stop writing about what I need to do, and at least repaint my toenails.


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  1. Custom frames are stupid expensive. Ive had to get them a couple times for work and it is always shocking.

    I like the spice rack thing. Easy, cheap, practical and useful.

  2. I love the spice rack idea! I might steal that because I have been trying to decide what im going to do with all of gibby’s books. This idea seems brilliant!


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