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Missing my Dad

I got an email from Jackie Myers. At first I thought it was spam, I know a Jackie but she’s not a Myers. The title was “FW: LLBean Boots” – totally spam, I’ve never even looked at an LL Bean catalog. I go to hit delete, but curiosity got the best of me.

Curiosity will also give your computer viruses. Thankfully this was not one of those times.

The email was to Phillip Myers and CC’d to me.

Philip, sent. Package your way today.  The post offi e said you will probably get it on Friday.  Just a heads up.
We will have Lacey tonight and tomorrow night.  Wish us luck!
Looked for Halloween costumes this afternoon but didn,t get anything.  They did have some blankets and sombreros and I suggested to dad we could go as illegal aliens.  That got a laugh but he said it would be politically incorrect…so maybe I,ll get that and go as Dora the Explorer….dad can be one of Dora,s many friends.
Phillip was my Dad’s first name (was? is? I’m not sure what the right context is there).
I’m not a religious person, but I believe in something greater than ourselves, in existence beyond our own in this time and this world. I think about my Dad every day. It’s been 18 months since he died. Some days it’s as raw on my heart as the first day. I still go through a range of emotions when I remember him – from anger to heartache to peace. Most days I think he’s sitting “up there” watching over us, loving and laughing, guiding us in his own way.
I wrote Jackie back to let her know she had copied the wrong Sarah, but I enjoyed the glimpse into her family life that was meant for a man who shares the same name as my Dad.
It was a small mix up, her daughter’s maiden email was – no periods like mine. But it warmed my heart to see his name and think maybe this was his way of saying hello and lifting my spirits.

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  1. Sarah – I started an annual tradition after my Dad died that may be something you’d be interested in. Either around Father’s Day or his birthday (Nov 4), I’d write a letter/journal entry to my Dad. About my year, what he’s taught me and how it has made a difference at different times in the year – and about the things I wish he was still around to share or that I wish he’d told me. I found it to be a good way to pause and create a special time for me to “be with” and think of my Dad. Best to you, Candy


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