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I wanted to like you…

Acorn squash.

A friend of mine touted the deliciousness of acorn squash years ago. “Try acorn squash” sat dormant on my to-do list for a long time. This year in a my fall festiveness I picked up a golden acorn squash at the grocery store with high hopes of stuffing it like the picture you see below.

A stuffed acorn squash in all it's savory fall flavor glory.

Maybe my mistake was buying a golden acorn squash (with orange skin) instead of the kind with green skin? The only kind of acorn squash at Ralphs that day was the golden ones, so that’s what I got. Moving on…

Feeling lazy, I thought I would skip the stuffed squash and try a sweeter roasting recipe. Cutting the thing in half took a lot of effort, if you have a saw you might consider using it. The sticker on it said to roast at 325 for 50 minutes and drizzle with honey. Seems easy enough, but since I have a crush on Paula Deen I went with this recipe.

I grilled chicken with Italian seasoning and made a salad to go with my squash. I waited patiently for it to perfect, imagining the sweet yet savory goodness I was about to embark on. I killed time (Leia was napping, obviously) by searching for other squash recipes, knowing I was going to love them.

Moment of truth. Squash comes out. Leia is throwing her pieces of chicken off the high chair. I quickly cut up some banana and heat up leftover pasta for her majesty. Now that it’s cooled slightly, I get a spoon and scoop out a bite. Hmm, it feels soft but looks a little stringy. I guess that’s normal, I mean it’s like a pumpkin right?

Nope. Not delicious. Not terrible. Just sort of bland (even with all that butter and sugar), too stringy, and somehow simultaneously mushy and hard. I gave some to Leia. She took a bite – didn’t spit it out but didn’t go for seconds.

Disappointed? Yes. I think my taste buds were expecting something more like a sweet potato.  To be fair, I’m going to try again with a green skin one (even if that really makes no difference). I’d like to try something more savory this time.

If anyone has a great recipe to suggest I’m open.


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  1. Maybe try a lower temperature for longer time? Sounds like somewhat undercooked squash to me. My mom always cut it in half, and put butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon in the middle. The cinnamon really adds a lot of flavor, but I’ve used nutmeg too. Do you like butternut squash? I think they taste similar, so maybe start with that?

    • Thanks Skye, I’ll try the lower temp. Is it supposed to be soft and smushy (like a potato) when cooked correctly? I’ve had butternut squash soup that was alright, but I’ve never had it plain. Maybe I’ll try that too.

      • Tonight I made a buttercup squash, and it was a little stringy in the undercooked places. It should be nice and squishy like a sweet potato. Butternut squash is good, you can make a yummy pasta sauce by pureeing it with roasted garlic, oregano, and parmesan cheese. mmm

  2. Awww, that must be so annoying! It looks delicious, how deceptive. Perhaps it was that particular squash?

  3. Maybe try dicing it too. Smaller pieces will give a greater surface area for any spices to adhere to and also for more caramelization.

    • Thanks Sarah, maybe I’ll try scoring it so the butter/sugar/spices get cover more surface? I want the visual interest of eating it out of the shell (rind? whatever). But it might be nice roasted in chunks and added to a stuffing, hmm.

  4. I think your expectations were too high. Its a squash for gods sake 😉

    Ben and Jerrys > sugared vegetable

    • Haha, you’re absolutely right! My expectations were something along the line of sweet potatoes covered in brown sugar and marshmallows. I might as well just get some dessert and stop trying to fool myself 😉 I did grab a green acorn squash and a butternut squash today to do some new experiments.


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