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My toddler

Leia is a baby toddler. I’ve been using the T word with increased frequency but I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

Tomorrow we’re going to her friend’s 1st birthday party. The kids are wearing costumes. I’m putting Leia in the pumpkin costume she wore last year. Somehow my squishy sleepy little pumpkin became a very confident walking climbing pumpkin.

Leia and Eva at the pumpkin patch. Ashley called them Children of the Corn, ha.

Want a glimpse into toddlerhood for us?

I love the kisses. They are sweet and plentiful. So are the hugs. Lately she’ll come up behind me and lay her body against my back with her head turned to the side to snuggle and I just about explode with love.

We like high fives and pointing to body parts. “Leia, can you show me where your (hair, toes, feet, mouth, nose, eyes, ears, teeth, belly button) is? Yaaaay!” Followed by big smiles and clapping. It’s my favorite party trick 🙂

Singing the San Diego Super Chargers song. She’ll either go grab her jersey or dance and stick her arms up as I say “Touchdown San Diego!” It’s so cute. We also sing along to the random songs on Sesame Street, Super Why, and the theme song for SpongeBob. After cartoons in the morning we usually rock out to whatever Mommy has on Pandora.

Leia has two bottom teeth. Just two. I’ve sworn up and down some nights that teeth were coming, but no. It’s been 4 (5?) months since her last tooth broke through. At this rate I’m thinking she’s either going to get 10 at once or go to school with dentures.

She eats GoGurts like there’s no tomorrow. I buy the “Simple” ones so I feel better about giving her 3 or 4 yogurts a day. She’s back to eating cheese again too. This is a good thing because the girl still has zero interest in milk. Unless it comes from the boobs.

Miss independent is testing boundaries and abilities. Read: Leia throws herself on the floor in a tearful screaming heap when she can’t stand on the kitchen counter or I take away sharp objects. She decided sharing is overrated. Lately Leia gets very possessive of her personal space when she’s with her friends. I’m really hoping this is a short phase. It’s hard to watch her get upset and scream at the other kids when they are trying to play with her and she thinks they are trying to take her balloon or toy or whatever.

On the flip side, it’s also hard to watch her be social and try to play with another child and get rejected. At this library last week she tried to give a 10 month old boy a kiss and he pushed her away. I gave her a big hug and joked with the boy’s father about it not being the last time she can’t kiss the boy she wants to.

Leia naps better on the couch than the bed. We lay down together so I can nurse her, and after she falls asleep I get up and do my own thing. She can’t quite get up on the couch, but she knows to go “feet first” off the beds and couch. I’m still taking our bed off it’s frame soon, I’d feel safer watching a movie in the living room if I didn’t think she’d wake up quietly and launch herself off onto the floor.

I’m so grateful to have a close knit group of mom friends to share this journey with. I love that Leia has friends she will hopefully grow up with. I’m amazed at the differences in development with kids her age. I resist the urge to compare Leia with other kids too closely or seriously. For the most part I notice the differences and shrug them off or embrace them. Leia skipped crawling, and walked a little earlier. Some of the kids are chatting away (verbally or signing), and Leia is content with “Mom” “Ball” “Dat” (That) and “Bob” (Boob, unless we’re watching SpongeBob).

While we were in Target yesterday:

Nice old woman “Oh how precious! How old is she?”

“Thanks! She’s 14 months”

“That’s such a great age, make sure you enjoy it” she patted Leia’s head and walked away.

With how fast the time goes (even when some days are slooooow) I needed a reminder to be present in the moment. To embrace my little toddler (and myself) exactly where we’re at right now.


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  1. She is looking SO toddler. Only 2 teeth?!? I thought Eva was a slow tooth grower. I hope they don’t all try coming in at once. Love the update!

  2. Melissa Fransaw

    So THAT’S why she pushed Trey’s kisses away, it was because of that little boy who didn’t want her kisses, haha. It’s ok, she’ll learn to love him 😀

    • Yes, she’s feeling a little rejected at the moment, haha. But Trey is such a lover, I know he’ll win her over 😉


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