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Trip to Arizona

Our trip to Arizona was great. I think about my brother every day. I miss him. But it’s the few times a year when we spend a weekend together in person that I really really wish he was home. We laugh a lot together, and seeing his joy in being Leia’s Uncle just makes my heart swell.

Noooo.....only Mom can hold meeee!

We decided to fly. Leia did great. I got lucky and both flights we sat next to “baby friendly” people. Her favorite part was running around the terminal greeting people and staring out the windows at the planes. Or was it was tearing the Sky Mall magazines in pieces? Security was a breeze. I even changed a this-is-going-to-take-ten-wipes poopy diaper in the airplane bathroom. Yes, I’m patting myself on the back.

We borrowed a car and a car seat when we arrived, which helped a ton (thanks Shelly)! The hotels we stayed in were decent. It’s always nice to visit old friends that I don’t get to see very often. But the best part of the trip was watching Leia and Andy together. She took a while to warm up to him, she did last visit too. It would be nice if the inmates were allowed to get up from the tables and walk around with the kids, that’s the only thing I miss about the CA prisons. Andy and I discussed in detail how we could get Leia in his arms without her screaming. Our plans failed. She screamed.

Leia showed him how much she loves the Chargers song. She gave him a few kisses and a lot of high fives. They colored and stacked dominos together. He shared an ice cream bar with her and she fed him a few of her cheese crackers. She ran around wild in the visiting room. Thankfully the staff didn’t mind. I imagine they understand I can’t make a 14 month old sit at a table for 6 hours.

Kisses from Uncle Andy

Even though there are vending machines with food in the visiting room, the inmates are served their usual lunch trays. No one actually eats them. Today was some kind of chili macaroni (bland sloppy meat sauce and mushy noodles). Andy laughed, “a tray of disrespect, piled high.” It was served with corn and a fruit crumb cake – which Leia gobbled up. I wish we were allowed to take pictures – Leia’s first prison food!

Napping pictures = no screaming

I hope we can go back in December


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