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Feeling Fall

October 1st. Hello autumn.

Technically the first day of fall was over a week ago. But this time of the year is still warm, summery weather. Families are still BBQing by the pool. I’m still wearing sun dresses and flip flops. Somehow, turning the calendar page to October makes it feel like the season has changed. Halloween is right around the corner, Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t far behind.

I'd love to be all cozy in a sweater sitting on this bench.

Bed Bath and Beyond had Yankee candles on sale. I brought in a stack of those 20% off coupons and stocked up on pumpkin pie and apple cider scents. Then I noticed the fall collection k-cups for my fancy schmancy coffee maker – apple cider, hot cocoa, pumpkin pie spice coffee and cappuccino with cinnamon. I’m in heaven! I might get Kahlua for the cocoa, you know, a little extra warmth when the autumn chill hits 65 degrees.

Being festive with my scented candles and hot apple cider

Becoming a Mom rekindled my excitement for celebrating the holidays – even Halloween. I was never a big fan of dressing up. I hate scary movies and haunted houses. Now I can’t wait to see my daughter and her friends in costumes, bake treats, and carve pumpkins. I might even decorate around the house – the dollar bin at Target has lots of fun, spooky finds. After browsing Pintrest (by browsing I mean staying up past midnight) I want create a special space in our home to decorate for each holiday, a festive little tradition.

When she’s older I hope Leia enjoys being in the kitchen. I think about her wearing a little apron getting messy with me and I’m overwhelmed with love. For now, I’m excited to make these adorable pumpkin pie bites and caramel stuffed apple cider cookies. I bought an acorn squash to roast and top with a made from scratch stuffing. I’m working on a list of recipes to try, so many delicious ingredients to work with – pumpkin, corn, sweet potatoes, apples, ginger, cinnamon, cranberries, pears – yum!

I also couldn’t resist grabbing a jar of this. I hear breakfast calling my name – pumpkin pancakes with maple glazed apples.


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  1. Melissa Fransaw

    Ummmm, can I come over for pumpkin pancakes??? I’ll bring the syrup if that helps, haha. I have my “Be Thankful” Yankee burning (smells like Thanksgiving, yum!) and I’m about to make some pumpkin spice bars… So much for my diet, haha.

    • They were delish, Leia approved too. I will gladly trade pumpkin pancakes for a pumpkin spice bar 🙂 Do you bake them in your fancy robe?? I hear calories don’t count in fancy robes.

  2. Pumpkin pancakes?!?! I think I need some too.


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