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She lost a nail

I bite my nails, it’s a disgusting habit. I look ridiculous, chewing on myself. I’ve managed to stop a handful of times, but it never lasts long. I guess it’s better than smoking or being an alcoholic. Actually, I probably can’t compare a substance addiction to a nearly lifelong bad habit.

Not the point.

The point is my daughter’s fingernails are perfect. So tiny and delicate, lovely little things. Don’t ask how often I cut them, because I usually just bite them when they look too long. Did this post just get too disgusting for you? I understand.

About two weeks ago I was letting her carry around the cue ball from a pool table on a hard surface. Bad Mom. She fell and smashed her finger, the nail immediately turned bright purple. A day later the purple had disappeared, it didn’t seem to hurt. Then as we were leaving for AZ last week the nail started to come up. Saturday it came off completely.

Now she has a perfect little nub growing in it’s place. I’m proud of how well she we handled the whole ordeal.


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  1. OMG. Poor little tiny baby nail. You should have posted a picture of it in all of its goriness. Just to add to the mental images 🙂

    • I tried to take a picture of the nail! My stupid iPhone couldn’t get a close enough shot without it being too blurry. I considered packing it in the luggage to take home from Arizona and take a picture with my real camera, but decided that was pretty nasty, haha. I need to take a picture of the little nail nub that is growing back. Fingers crossed it will look normal.


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