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A letter to remember small moments


You’re a cuddly, snuggly little girl, and it warms my heart. You give the cats kisses and lay your head on their bellies. Thankfully they are patient cats and enjoy embrace your affection. You cuddle with blankets and stuffed toys, especially Albert (Einstein). When you press the talking puppy’s ear and he asks “can I have a hug?” you happily oblige. You give kisses to our friends and family. Every now and then you’ll blow a kiss, which is ridiculously adorable.

We sing the San Diego Super Chargers song and you go running for your Chargers jersey (#21, LaDainian Tomlinson, although he plays for the Jets now). You put your hands up high at the end of the song and we say “Touchdown San Diego!” and laugh, it’s your favorite part. I can’t wait to take you to a game, tailgate and play catch with a little football.

You know where your belly button, eyes, ears, hair, foot, nose, mouth and teeth are. I’m pretty sure the six million times we’ve sang “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” should get some credit. Sometimes I try to flaunt these skills for others and you look at me like you want to say “Mom, I don’t do party tricks.”

Bubbles! You’re a big fan. You bring me the bottle and sit on my lap and we blow bubbles for you to pop. Then you stand in front of me and squeal with laughter when I blow bubbles and they pop on your face. You know how to dip the wand in the bottle, then blow on it. You’ve made your own bubbles a few times, it was very exciting for both of us.

You kick all the covers off when you sleep. True to your newborn self that hated to be swaddled, your legs need their freedom. I guess we’ll have to buy really warm pajamas for the winter.

Today I watched you go through the drawers in the kitchen, emptying the boxes of ziplock bags, unrolling the parchment paper, then dumping out the box of straws and carefully bending them one by one. The cats came to help.

I love being your Mom. I love watching you soak up all the wonderful ordinary pleasures of every day. Thank you for bringing me so much joy.


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