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Drive or Fly?

My little brother turns 27 next week. 27?! He’s officially in is “late 20’s.” I don’t bring up his age with him because I know any reference to time is still frustrating and depressing. While 2016 doesn’t sound that far away to me, I know it’s still a long road for him.

Uncle Randy and I planned to drive out next weekend and visit him. With Randy getting sick, he won’t be able to drive (or sit through a visit comfortably). He considered flying, but the tickets are really expensive now that it’s last minute. Hopefully we can go again during the holidays and Randy will be in better shape. Looks like this trip is just Leia and I – our first solo adventure!

So my dilemma is, do I drive or fly? Our hotel for Thursday and Friday is west of Phoenix and south of the friends we are visiting on Friday. The hotel for Saturday is closer to the prison.

Gas will probably cost $200, cheaper than a flight. I won’t need to rent a car, that saves another $175.

Flying gets me there in just over an hour. Leia doesn’t have to spend 5 hours in a car seat and neither do I. But flying with an active toddler, luggage, a stroller and car seat is intimidating. Jamie are you reading this? I studied your guide on flying with kids, and I’m still nervous! Your super Mom skills make it look easy.

I have credit on Southwest that expired in January. For $50 I can reinstate it. Although, I can think of lots of places I’d like to go for $50. If I had bought the flight a few weeks ago it would have been $110, not $300. I’ll kick myself redeeming my flight credits on a short, usually cheap flight.

Hmm, what to do.


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  1. I would say fly. Flying is easy and you WILL be ale to handle it. No problem. But, I am cheap, so I would drive. I just drove a 5 hour drive up north to see my friend. I drove at night while Eva slept. It was fine. I turned on a podcast and drove. No problems.

    I would keep checking those tickets though. They’ll probably go down in the middle of the night on Sunday or Monday night.


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