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Grow Basil. Grow.

A few months ago my Mom brought over a packet of basil seeds. I had just killed my second basil plant – the kind you buy at the grocery store already in it’s own pot. So I was certain there was no way I could grow a plant from seeds.


I was wrong! Maybe I’m not a plant murderer after all. I even used some on my pizza last night.


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  1. I bought a basil plant at the grocery store 2 WEEKS AGO… and it’s STILL ALIVE! I can’t believe it. Maybe it’s genetically modified hardy seeds?!? Or maybe our mommy touch is transferring over to our little plants. Anyways, who cares. Congratulations. Happy growing!

    • Yay! I fantasize about someday having a yard to grow tomatoes, peppers, strawberries etc. And fruit trees, I want Leia to know what it’s like to eat fresh plums. For now we will claim our hard earned victory on Basil 🙂


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