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Birthday Festivities

Last weekend I celebrated my 30th birthday with a BBQ at Mission Bay. It was a wonderfully special day, I am blessed with amazing friends and family.

My Mom ran around all day making sure I didn't have to do anything besides relax, sip wine, and have a good time.

My Uncle drove down to the bay early to set up. He brought his own BBQ and cooked all the food

Showing off her sand castle skills.

The best $1 I've spent recently - on the ball, not the baby. She cost $2.

Lovable Joey the horse. I mean dog. You decide.

Friends for over half our lives! We make 30 look good.

Aunt Callie and Uncle Grant. They (Callie, I'm looking at you) made me a photo book of Leia's first year - I definitely shed a tear or two.

Who loved being the center of attention? She also loved Cady, Jackie and Trevor's furry new addition.

Love my girls (Rachel we missed you!).

Leia and her new friend Jacob.

Can't decide if she was trying to kiss him or play peekaboo. Maybe both.


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  1. Sorry I had to miss it. Happy 30th!

  2. Looks like an awesome birthday, Sarah….and coming right off the Nacimiento trip, how DO you do it? I guess that’s the nice part about being 30….the energy level….ahhh, yes….I have vague memories of those days…..


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