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Farewell 20’s, Hello 30

Leia woke me up earlier than usual today. Maybe sleeping in is a present I’ll get next year (ha). She must have known there would be birthday calls from my mom and sister at precisely 6:55 a.m. As a kid I never understood why my mom remembered the exact time I was born. Now I know. I will always pause and reflect on the minute Leia arrived, the flood of emotions as my life changed with her life beginning. When she turns 30 – in 2040! – I will call her at 9:26 a.m. to tell her she is the love of my life and to have the happiest day celebrating her existence.

Spent the afternoon watching Leia play with her friends at the bay. Watching her experience life makes my heart swell with love. I can't believe someday she'll be 30.

I celebrated my birthday with friends and family this past weekend. I’ll post more about that tomorrow. On my actual birthday – as an indulgent gift to myself – I asked my mom to watch Leia so I could go to a nice dinner alone.

If you’re a mom (or dad), I’m sure you just sighed with envy and a nod of appreciation. I haven’t had a meal alone in years. Years! On rare occasions my mom has watched Leia so I could meet girlfriends for happy hour, or a football game. I love their companionship, especially in celebration. But tonight I wanted the peace and solace of being alone. I wanted to eat a meal slowly, stare at the downtown skyline during sunset, watch boats sail on the bay. I drank my wine without wondering if I should have one more or one less glass. I didn’t check my texts or my email. I didn’t check-in on Facebook. It was heavenly.

A delicious pinot noir to match the view.

There was a family next to me celebrating a birthday. They were leaving as my dessert arrived, we exchanged birthday wishes. I offered to take a family picture, and they spontaneously took one of me. It was a funny experience to end dinner with.

Brownie sundae with peanut butter ice cream? Happy Birthday indeed!

I saw a flyer for free tarot card readings at a wine bar downtown. I couldn’t resist, assuming it was fate that a fortune teller was available on my birthday at the right price – free. Plus how often do I get to enjoy a dinner AND a wine bar? Right, next to never. Walking into the bar reminded me why I have no regrets saying goodbye to my 20’s. Suits and dresses chatting away, sipping, flirting, frantically exerting their worth. The wait for a free tarot reading was 2 hours long. I guess that was also fate, no secrets of my future reveled tonight. I drove home with my music obnoxiously loud, singing with all the windows rolled down. I left refreshed and ready to snuggle with my little bunny.

I don’t feel 30. I’m far behind my peers when it comes to planning my retirement, saving and investments. I’ll probably never own a home or drive a nice car. I’m okay with that. I did eat a high fiber cereal this morning, and apply eye cream. So part of me is on track with this adulthood gig. I’m completely content with putting late night dinners and spontaneous happy hours in the past. I don’t yearn for a reason to dress up, socialize or network with colleagues. Ten years of change happens so fast, its always more drastic in hindsight than at the moment. Farewell 20’s, thank you for the memories and life lessons. I’m ready to embrace new beginnings.


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