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Does anyone else think this bruise on my leg resembles the Hawaiian islands? Maybe it’s a sign I need another vacation.

No, Leia has not been abusing me.

I have a bunch of other bruises on my left shin too. One is from hitting a rock when I was climbing up the cliff to jump into the lake. Everything else is a mystery. Probably from sliding on and off the edge of the boat into the water.

I’ve always bruised easily, but after becoming a mom I’m like an overripe peach. I should ask a doctor to run some tests to make sure I’m not lacking in some critical vitamin or mineral. A doctor visit would require insurance, and I just canceled mine because I can’t afford it. That’s a whole conversation for a different day. I take a multivitamin – the gummy kind, because I don’t skip them when it’s like eating candy. I eat fruits and vegetables with every meal. So I’m more than a little stumped.

Maybe I’ll start telling people I play roller derby or soccer, or some other extreme sport. Although it’s likely they would take one look at my not quite athletic body and quietly assume someone attacked my legs with a bat.


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  1. Maybe you’re lacking B12, vitamin K, or C. I think those are the bruising vitamins. B12 is the anemia one. I think its the most common reason (dont quote me on that). Maybe a bit more B12?

    • Thanks, I’ll check those out. I think my gummy vitamins only have 50% of B12 and no iron, what a rip off. I think Vitamin K is the fat soluble one, I’m just not sure which foods have a lot of it. Looks like Google and I have work to do.


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