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Home Sweet Home

Our week at the lake was fantastic. So many special memories and traditions were made.

Soaking up the sun and a peaceful moment alone to reflect on how beautiful life is.

Leia loved being out on the water and splashing in the lake when the hum of the boat wasn’t making her sleepy.

Dropping rocks in the lake

Mommy kisses and morning hair

Good morning Bambi!

We watched wildlife – birds and bunnies and a family of deer – they roamed around the cabin almost close enough to touch.

She had fun playing with her older cousins, going up and down stairs, chasing the big red ball, pretending to be on the phone. We spontaneously booked a limo to enjoy a day of wine tasting in Paso Robles. I jumped off a cliff. Rachel was always ready with her camera, I can’t wait to see the pictures and post more about our trip.

Sunset on the train ride to L.A.

But it’s always nice to be home.

My Mom stayed at the apartment with the cats while we were gone. It was so nice to open the door to a clean, organized, peaceful living space. We arrived around 1 a.m. after traveling for almost 13 hours. I practically collapsed into bed. I think Leia might have slept through the night. Or I was just too exhausted to notice her waking up to nurse.

Mmm, caffeinated happiness

I’m excited to celebrate turning 30 with friends and family tomorrow.  It was especially nice to unpack an early birthday present this afternoon! These are fantastic, I had a cup of coffee with dinner just to test it out. I love my family, they’re the best.


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