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No planes. Just trains and automobiles.

A town car arrived early this morning to take Mike, Leia and I from Orange County to Union Station in L.A. All aboard the Amtrak Starlight.



I’m reminiscing on my 2007 Euro Rail adventures with Carrie and Rachel. The private room we’re riding in today is much more spacious than the triple decker side by side bunks we shared with a family of 3 from France to Italy. It’s a 6.5 hour ride to Paso Robles, where we’ll meet his parents and drive to Lake Nacimiento. I can’t wait to spend the week relaxing in the sun with a cold drink, leisurely turning the pages of a trashy magazine, listening to the hum of boats in the distance. What? Your kids don’t let you do all that? Yea, Leia doesn’t either. But what fun is a vacation without a little day dreaming?

It’s going to be a fantastic adventure. I’m eager to watch Leia experience so many new things at once. I know my train loving Dad would have enjoyed a trip like this. I’ve been missing him a little more than usual lately.



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