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1st Birthday Photos!

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For future birthdays I am hiring a photo student from the junior college to take pictures. I want to enjoy the moment, I want friends and family to enjoy themselves. As much as I love my hefty DSLR, especially with it’s “nifty 50” lens, I rarely remember to bring it anywhere. If it does make it out of the house, it usually sits in my bag. This is especially true if I’m running after Leia, which is pretty much always. So 90% of Leia’s first year is captured with my crappy iPhone camera. I’m in the market for a decent point-and-shoot, but I’m picky comparing them with my Canon.

That turned into a general rant about pictures and cameras. Moving on to the birthday festivities!

July 31st was Leia’s birthday celebration in San Diego. Then on August 6th we celebrated in Orange County. Both events were wonderful – well worth all the frazzled planning and last minute mix-ups. Leia is so loved by a huge “village” of family and friends. I’m a lucky Mom to watch my snuggly baby blossom into a curious, determined little toddler.

The Dr. Seuss theme was so fun! Inspiration and graphics came from Anders Ruff Custom Designs. My friend Joanna let me borrow her paper punches to create the cupcake toppers (thank you!). Target had Seuss boxes in the dollar bin – perfect to hold favors for the kids! I filled them with applesauce squeeze pouches, bubbles, and a knobby rubber ball. I wanted to bake cookies with each kid’s initial, but that turned out to be overly ambitious.


I made Paula Deen’s Red Velvet Cupcakes – always amazing. A small batch had applesauce as a substitute for half the oil and less sugar for the kids. I heard they were decent, I wouldn’t know, I ate the real thing.







Leia loved her cupcake! We set her on the floor on top of a tablecloth anticipating a huge mess, but she was surprisingly dainty about eating it (not true for the following week). Her friends were eager to help her finish it, which was fun to watch.

12 month photos – a cute idea I saw a lot of families do.

 Seuss inspired food – Green Eggs and Ham (sandwiches), Yertle’s Caramel Turtles, One Fish Two Fish Rainbow Goldfish.

Happy 1st Birthday Leia! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!


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  1. Love the joy in your face (wow – photo w/Mom & Dad) and the warmth of your tone and happiness with your life that comes through in your blog!


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