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1st Birthday Photos! (part 2)

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Last weekend we celebrated Leia’s birthday at her Dad’s house in Orange County. My Mom took the train up from San Diego. Mike’s Mom made her famous yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Unfortunately, it became a casualty to the warm weather – we had some the next day, it wasn’t “pretty” but it was delicious! Gramma served ice cream cake instead. The blue frosting was a big hit with Leia. She had fun opening her big girl car seat. Mommy picked out the Cowmooflauge print, so fun! Saturday was also Aunt Jamie’s birthday. She was in Sweden, but her huge balloon delivery entertained Leia (and Kitty) all day.

Rachel, Mommy, Leia and Gramma


Grammy, Mommy and Leia


"Ba ba ba!!" Balloons!


The ladies! Leia has so many loving Aunties (and two awesome Grandmas)


Leia's "serious face" is too cute.


Opening presents - she didn't need any help with the big one.


My favorite present.


I don't want to play in the paper!


Happy birthday sweet Leia, happy birthday to you!


Birthday kisses from Daddy


Mmmm, cake!











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  1. Nicki Atkinson

    I love them and I love you! I’m glad I got to see you both


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