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Crossing things off the list

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I crossed the last item off my It’s-Going-To-Be-A-Crazy-Week list tonight. I’m exhausted. If my kitchen had wine, there would be a big glass in my hand. I need to start a grocery list.

If I haven’t been returning your calls/emails/texts in the last week this is why:


  • Assemble decorations for Leia’s party, write out menu, day of to-do lists
  • Take cats to vet to update vaccines. Sounds easy, right? Picture me with Leia strapped to my chest and a cat carrier in each hand. Then picture me trying to entertain Leia is a small space for an hour while cats are tended to.
  • Vacuum entire house as part of Flea Warfare


  • Leia’s 1st year photoshoot. This involved me stressing over buying something cute to wear and deciding to just wear something I already had.


  • Gym
  • Mike, Terry and Mark arrive at the train station in San Diego
  • Cyler’s 1st birthday party (possibly Ella’s 1st birthday party if we can squeeze two parties in one day)
  • Dinner with Monica
  • Leia’s birthday party prep: bake cupcakes, assemble favor boxes, pack supplies into boxes to take to clubhouse


  • Not on a “list” but a big part of my day: Love on my little girl, in amazement that her first birthday is here.
  • Help my Mom transport supplies to clubhouse
  • Coordinate food delivery (meat and cheese trays delivered made things easier!)
  • Make frosting and add to cupcakes, decorate clubhouse, clean up kitchen, make pasta salad, make green eggs, make caramel turtles. Do all this while wearing Leia in the carrier so she will take a nap.


  • Pack up the apartment and move most of my things to the patio. Pest control is coming Tuesday and I don’t want poison touching most of the things Leia does. My Mom does most the hard work, as I chase Leia around. I did 8 (8!) loads of laundry and packed it into bags so it will be easier to settle in later this week.
  • Leia’s 1 year exam. She’s 31″, 20lb 2 oz, and has a huge head – the pediatrician measured it twice. Leia gets a few vaccines (I decline chickenpox for now). Otherwise it’s the same old visit. Pediatrician shakes her head at my ongoing breastfeeding (shove it, lady). I lie about Leia sleeping through the night (last time her advice was to let her cry til she falls asleep in a crib, no thanks).


  • Convince cats to get back in the carriers. Take them to the boarding facility where they will feel abandoned for two days and likely be mad at me for several days after they come home.
  • Pest control sprays/bombs/dusts/whatever kills the fleas.
  • Buy groceries to make dinner, slumber party at my Moms house since we can’t be in our home.


  • Meet the cleaning ladies at the apartment at 8 a.m.
  • Take Leia back to pediatrician to have her TB test read (not sure why she had a TB test, I should have asked).
  • Meet the carpet cleaners in the afternoon.
  • Drive around with the AC on so Leia can take a nap. Kiss her repeatedly for being such a patient, happy child.
  • Pick up cats. They’re not too mad. Daphne pees in her carrier on the way home. Car wash will move up on the list for this coming week.
  • Move everything from the patio back into the apartment, unpack, get settled.


That last item is a work in progress for tomorrow. But writing all of that down I feel insanely accomplished.


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  1. Dear Pediatrician with a problem with breastfeeding past 12 months:

    Please re- read your medical books. Particuarly the ones endorsed by the WHO and AMA.

    Loving you guys. Sorry we missed the party.


  2. PS-
    Please go take a nap.

  3. Like that idea of writing it down so you don’t feel insane! May borrow that if I have the energy…. 🙂 Also like staying in touch with you! My best to you both and happy belated to Leia. Who could have imagined your life would be so full and fulfilling a year later?


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