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Closets with room to spare.

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Leia has a lot of clothes, significantly more than I do. Obviously she’s not buying them herself. We have friends and family that generously shower her with gifts. Even this anti-frills mama will admit that shopping for her is ridiculously fun. It makes me wonder if she’ll end up being my little fashionista. Will she spend weekend afternoons browsing boutiques (online or in real life) with friends?

Or will she be like her Mom?

I can’t remember a time I enjoyed shopping for clothes, or shoes. I have wide, flat feet. I’ve never drooled over a shoe sale, or been giddy over finding the perfect pair. Most of my life, my “shoe collection” can be counted on two hands – a few pairs of flip flops and sandals, a pair of gym shoes, and some flats. One year I bought a pair of boots. Another year I bought a peep-toe wedge from Nordstroms – that was adventurous.

Clothes are the same story, I buy the basics, things that are comfortable and predictable. When I like something I buy it in 3 different colors and consider that wardrobe variation. I live in dresses, even in the winter (thank you leggings, for making a comeback). Dresses are the perfect outfit – a top and bottom in one piece, no need to coordinate. I own one pair of jeans. I recently branched out and bought two pairs of shorts. I think yoga capris and tank tops are fine for trips to the grocery store, the park, and playdates.

Years of a distorted body image, emotional eating, and huge fluctuations in my weight has a lot to do with my fashion indifference. Trying on clothes isn’t enjoyable when everything cinches and pulls, when all you see are flaws. My heart breaks for the younger me that took so long to love her body (still a work in progress at nearly 30 years old). I’m determined to raise Leia to love and appreciate herself exactly as she is. To only know a healthy, balanced, active lifestyle so she will never struggle with the issues I have had. But that’s another post.

I’m cheap. I don’t buy things that aren’t on sale. Spending more than $20 on a piece of clothing drives me nuts. Most of my things come from Target or Old Navy, and even then I look at sale items first. When someone compliments what I’m wearing, the first thing I usually say is “Thanks! It was on sale for X dollars.” You’d think I’d be a big fan of Ross, TJMaxx, Nordstroms Rack, etc. I’m not. It’s chaotic and disorganized. I don’t like the hunt.

I’ve never dreamed about a walk-in closet, overflowing with things I don’t wear. I don’t have clothing with tags still on them. I regularly go through my closet and send things I haven’t worn recently to Goodwill. I’m proud of my minimalist approach. I could probably pack all the clothes and shoes I own into one big suitcase (maybe two). I’ve traveled internationally for weeks with just a Jansport backpack. In light of my goal to live a more simple life, this is one area I feel like I’m already on track.


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